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Villa shines, Spain pass over Portugal

Dominating play and complete control of the game but Spain have a hard time winning 1-0 before a new neighbor Portugal. David Villa is the author of the single goal put the European champions in 2010 World Cup quarter-final against Paraguay.

From a nice phase to the right attack on the "grave" Ricardo Costa opponent's side, David Villa scored the only goal to take 1-0 victory for Spain. Ronaldo's effort and his team-mates become unsuccessful, even Ricardo Costa was sent off in the last match.

Spain put up attacks immediately after the whistle declared and Fernando Torres partly reflected in single class to finish definitely cross angle powerfully forced Eduardo to fly to save in the first minute. Then turn Villa launched a similar shot but again, Eduardo is the winner.

Army coach Del Bosque game development contest tiqui taca ultra-plat, the phase coordination occurred with dizzying speed forced defenses Portugal just knew defence. But too absorbed in the attack, Spain nearly paid the price when in minute 20, Tiago hit shot from outside the penalty area forced Casillas to punch the ball out and flied to rescue next approach of Almeida.

The next minute, the match took place quite attractively; high professional quality but no teams scored a goal before the break. Entering the second half, coach Del Bosque’s team has completed control of the middle area. However, La Furia Roja yet encountered too many difficulties before the close game of Portugal.

Immediately, Bilbao striker caps for Portugal made Portugal defense dizzy when he played header towards Eduardo’s goal and forced him to drag out hard. Soon after, David Villa played through a Portugal defender and cross the diagonal corner but the ball was definitely deviate column again.

Pressed constantly, Spain finally also broke the deadlock in 62 minutes. After a series of mixed phases, Iniesta passed to Xavi and David Villa finished, Eduardo interfered to prevent the ball. But in that case, "El Guaje" has not made any mistakes to hit the ball into the empty net, and score 1-0 to Spain.

When Portugal was put into the situation to attack, Spain has more space for goal to reach the enemy. 69 minutes, Iniesta stroked slot for Ramos to run down and finished by the left leg, but Eduardo once again denied a goal by the European champions.

There was nothing left to lose, coach Queiroz decided to launch both Liedson and Pedro Mendes on the ground to strengthen the attack. However, Spain was still the team to play actively and if shot from David Villa in the 76th minute was successful, La Furia Roja had the second goal.

On the last match, Spain actively reduced the pace of the match but they still had a sharp attack phase. 88 minutes, Villa had thrown the ball for Llorente headed well; the ball went in column though Eduardo was insufficient. The inability of Portugal also expressed that Ricardo was sent off the competition.

Lack of a player in the last minute, bitter defeat Portugal 0-1 in the quarterfinals and the right to give his brother the Iberian Peninsula.


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