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Does not defeat, New Zealand stood to return home

Despite the 0-0 draw with Paraguay, but victory of Slovakia 3-2 before Italy had led New Zealand to stop 2010 World Cup in the posture of the high no matter what they did not lose any match.

Two draws with resilience and New Zealand have dreamed of a knock-out qualifying rate if the won results while waiting before Paraguay ratio unfavorable for Slovakia in a confrontation with Italy.

Again, in the game focused and full of courage, Oceania's representative has successfully defended his net and there was a 0-0 draw before Paraguay. Unfortunately victory "dynamic sky" of Slovakia 3-2 before Italy had led New Zealand to leave the game though does not lose a match in the first round.

Back to the main changes in the game, so Paraguay does not necessarily have to win, both Paraguay and New Zealand should enter the relatively slow. The disputes occurred mainly in the area between the midfield and not create a lot of pressure on the frame into another.

Until the 19th minute, fans on Peter Mokaba will be witnessing the first danger. Riverra definitely hit the ball to the defender Nelsen, Cañiza is present and timely shoots lightning, but the ball went bar.

After the first half, Paraguay gradually proved his strength with phase coordinated quite smoothly. Meanwhile, coach Ricki Herbert's team mainly uses scenarios for bubbles to attack.

30 minutes, Killen break down to the horizontal edge, then throws into the ring 16m50. But the ball is going over the deep and goalkeeper Villar promptly catches a ball before Smeltz plunges into the end.

Immediately in South America represents responses. 39 minutes, Elliott took the ball to the home side, Cardozo have the chance to launch shot full of power but narrowly went roof beams.

After the first 45 minutes and inconclusive information along with the temporary lead Slovakia 1-0 Italy, New Zealand forced to spate attack. But the ball along the edge of all kiwis easily caught.

Other side of the front line, to ensure productivity in a knock-out round, Paraguay will not hesitate to attack full of Rough. 61 minutes, Victor Caceres headed to force Paston fly to the block breaking. Then two consecutive decline results not overcome by New Zealand defenders.

Not be satisfied with the attack of the players, coach Gerardo Martin decided to launch two strikers to increase the pressure and almost immediately they have made the New Zealand goal stagger.

76 minutes, after cleverly hidden movements, Barrios shoots near Paston’s goal, Paston pushes the ball into all the talents, Benitez immediately plunges into shot but defender Winston Reid promptly prevents rolling back on the break.

The last second half, while New Zealand has concentrated clusters to fend the ball way up dangerous enemy, the less fortunate in the evening, Paraguay could not find the ball into the net of goalkeeper Paston.

Draw 0-0, Paraguay is officially in knock-out round as teams by F. Unfortunately for the "phenomenon" of New Zealand, despite great effort and get a draw in all three group stage matches, they were only ranked third position after Paraguay and Slovakia.


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