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Paraguay leisurely " flop" Slovakia

Dominating the game by certain play style but full of flexibility, Paraguay was not difficult to beat opponents with the score 2-0 by Paraguay’s Vera and Riveros to put a foot into the ring next. Both only gets one point after the first match, Paraguay and Slovakia both understand that there is only one victory in this new round will enable them a competitive advantage in the next round.

However, while Slovakia is its fade manner screen, Paraguay clearly played by experienced job pretty well all the area between the yard. And with the return of Roque Santa Cruz, representative of South America is not difficult to win 2-0 thanks to Vera and the Riveros.

Back to the main changes in the game, if Paraguay has only one change in the lineup when the key player, Santa Cruz comes back, then Slovakia has some defensive adjustments in the 1-1 draw with unfortunate New Zealand in his first battle.

With the force is marginally better, Paraguay quickly spill into the courtyard of opponent and use the high ball phase to attack in the position of Santa Cruz. Even three minutes, with ball and bar adjacent 16m50, Santa Cruz does not hesitate to launch shot and force goalkeeper Jan Mucha to kick him out under being penalized a corner – kick.

Not stopping there, 15 minutes from a corner – kick of Morel, the ball was good to hang on Paulo da Silva quietly headed into net but take a slow pace to a successful conclusion. The deadlock in the situation to staff, coach Gerardo’s team gradually shifted to the middle piece of highway attack. And almost immediately, they had scored the match score.

27 minutes, Weiss to take the ball in the middle, Paraguay have a quick counterattack phase. Santa Cruz stroked perfectly correct slot on the board of Enrique Vera. One foot out so that wow should easily beat Mucha. 1-0, Paraguay ahead.

Be conceded, Slovakia spate rush attack but have to wait 37 minutes, they can be dangerous situations first. Penalty corner from the left flank, the ball finds the right position of the Salata, but in extremely comfortable position, this midfielder hit the roof beams unfortunately.

But just two minutes later, little net addition of nearly Mucha has been rung up in the first two matches. Sloppy passing on of Strba create conditions for the Santa Cruz drainage down very fast but he decided to hit the foot of Mucha out.

After 45 minutes of play is not very impressive, into the second half, Slovakia held the initiative and strikes the ball more. But the midfield with five Marek Hamsik leaders too lack of innovation as well as coordinate disjointed.

Do not accept a defeat, coach Vladimir Weiss was forced to increase attack by Holosco Stoch. But those changes do not help them understand the area median, but also become awkward to reveal too much space inside the home when Paraguay were counterattack.

71 minutes, also from such situations, the Santa Cruz drainage down to the border to cross and then thrown back header beat Vera is dangerous ground. Although Mucha goalkeeper was completely broken, but the ball went just inches wide off the mark column.

However, in the last minute match, while fans on the pitch Free State police thought the match was all the goals for his team back to the red and white stripes.

86 minutes, from the penalty situation outside the penalty area, while the Slovakian defender lack of drastic to crush, ball to feet Riveros and midfielder Sunderland finish cleverly into the far corner of the second set victory - 0 for Paraguay.

With three points gained from this match, Paraguay is a great advantage to be able to compete at a rate of around 1 / 8 in turn is the last game, they must meet New Zealand, is considered the weakest opponent Table F.


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