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Paraguay - Japan: The pride of Asia

Decisive battle with Denmark in the group stage was for soccer fans to see a different world to Japan. Not only good in the direct kick, coach Takeshi Okada's team also expressed a game no less technical with representatives of South America. But in the next 16 teams, representatives of Asia will face a real South American team, which is Paraguay.

Pass the group stage excellently with two convincing victories Cameroon and Denmark, and only failed minimum before the candidate for the championship Netherlands at the tournament this year. Coach Takeshi Okada’s team proved not only for home fans but also for all soccer fans in the world: Japan came to 2010 World Cup don’t have to pave the way. Furthermore, with the past the group stage when the tournament was not held in their home communities, "cherry" team has once again affirmed that Japan is promoted by the legs and minds of coach and players.

The direct kick is extremely dangerous weapon of Japan squad, not one that Japan possesses the 3 shot feet that any team in any league this year also envies. Besides talent shooting of Endo and Honda that soccer fans in the world has witnessed in past matches, team origin "cherry" also own a very dangerous striker, but the fans know a long time, that's Shunsuke Nakamura. But he did not play regularly in tournaments this year, but will certainly Nakamura is extremely effective supplement to the midfield if necessary to prolong the match after 90 minutes of play. Not only to adapt quickly with the ball jabulani but also the Japanese players are making fans be surprised by their playing style. Coach Takeshi Okada's team has stepped up another level with the ability to regulate the wonderful game regardless of who they are. Looking back at the match with Cameroon, Netherlands, especially Denmark, the way that the Japanese players were no different to a team on the door, squeezed the opponent to play actively defensive counter - attack. It can be said that Coach Okada’s team is a collective solidarity based on outstanding individuals.

On the game against Paraguay, most likely Japan will actively attack right from the first minutes to seek advantage before playing defensive counterattack because Paraguay is a technical team; especially they are the top-class strikers in the world. But not so Japan will not attack, surely the shooting penalty phases with sharp counterattack of Keisuke Honda would be most effective for teachers coach Okada.

Besides, the central defender Tulio Tanaka will continue to show his class started with the most dangerous striker Cruz - Paraguay. With what Tulio showed in the attached Nicklas Bendtner during the match with Denmark, will inevitably make fans origin "cherry" peace of mind because controlling Cruz means for blocking the attacking side Paraguay.

On the Paraguay national team, first goalless draw in New Zealand in the final group games in the first round were fans of this country to worry by the inability of attacking even though they had no absence to regret. Can not blame the weakness of Santa Cruz because of the past two matches, striker caps Manchester City was performing the role playing ball more than scoring the ball. And in the coming match, striker Oscar Cardozo's Benfica definitely still plays from the beginning to work closely with Cruz and Nelson Valdez on attacking. However, every coach Gerardo Martino's strikers need to move much more, especially in situations inverted between the striker's offenses because Paraguay is now easy to fall into situations to be arrested.

Every such attack, Paraguay's defense also needs to concentrate more because Japan possesses the very dangerous player. Will no longer escape situations like the match with New Zealand because the striker's side of Japan is pretty good style, especially Honda. In addition to focus in situations that are defensive and limited areas within 16m50 mistakes before the players of Martino is also required to pay attention because Japan is showing the dangers to scary in the direct free kick. Along with that restriction situations hold the ball in defense, something the South American defenders have to pay the price like every other game in the first round of Chile, particularly in Mexico over 16 teams.


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