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Portugal - North Korea 7-0: A terrible score!

Phase marking the columns along the central defender Ricardo Carvalho in the first five minutes of the match signaled a pretty hard day for North Korea's defense. However, contrary to what people imagine, teams from Asia are creating opportunities to record more goals in Portugal's first 20-minute first half. If regulation size ball and keep his sights a bit more standard, striker Jong Tae Se Ji Yun Nam or the defender could have shot hit goalkeeper Eduardo net at least 2 times.

The reason for attacking play of Portugal proved deadlock in the first time a partial half is expected by most star Cristiano Ronaldo has not recovered sense of line and kick a proper killer. However, when Ronaldo is not subject to shine, then Portugal still relying on other factors, it is the less famous stars like Meireles, Tiago. 29 minutes, Raul Meireles took slot very well from the highway by Tiago, came down into the penalty area, turned and then released single definitely absolute accuracy, the match score 1-0. A coordinated attack phase model of Portugal and of course, there are class differences between the two teams from two different continents.

Portugal have patience in the game quite difficult, as the defense North Korea arranged discipline, focused their attack minutes to stretch the opposing team, and in the most appropriate time, an intermediate phase to attack middle road were launched and ended with a beautiful goal by Raul Meireles.

The Portuguese attacked the stronger to start to add the second half. It is time, North Korea must be filled up looking to sell ratio of air to raise hopes. Unfortunately, when they give up play-side defensive field offices, the holes in the defensive scheme began revealing, despite the Portugal players targeted for exploitation. First, road scrapers Simao welcome slot in the middle of the road team in 53 minutes, then rushed down the leg kick that ended goalkeeper Ri Myong guk know just picked up the ball in the net: 2-0 for Portugal!

Not stopping there, just three minutes later, Almeida Hudo Rough attacked to welcome the ball thrown from the left border of the defender Coentrao Myong guk lifting up into the score 3-0. The more filled up, the more loopholes North Korea and very disciplined team which has torn before the attack phase and coordinate short, fast and potential dangers of the immeasurable Ronaldo, Almeida, Meireles, ... Up to 60 minutes Tiago, Tiago Ronaldo put on line as the situation definitely right in the face frame and the remaining task is the buffer Tiago ball accurately, bringing the score up to 4-0. Ronaldo becomes more frightening when you play a team full of computer, not flowery and ostentatious skills of their situation and kick again, which is beneficial in Portugal match with North Korea.

In the last 10 minutes of battle, turn Liedson, Ronaldo and Tiago scored and closed utopian 7-0 victory for Portugal. The victory also helped the Portuguese in his strong second in the table and just air last turn with Brazil Carlos Queiroz as his players will go to win tickets.


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