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Korea - Ivory Coast: Goodbye in honor

The mission of the “forest elephant” in the final fight indeed turned too heavy. Had to win many goals, not have right to self-determinate, the Ivory Coast players had to leave the game but in postural high head.

It can be said that fate had indeed been the "ill - treatment" representatives from Africa when both attended the most recent World Cup they fall into the board game called "death" and not once do they escaped from "death." In the summer in Germany four years ago, Ivory Coast was "dead" by two opponents too strong as Argentina and Netherlands, but they still keep to our mark in fans with a 3-2 victory before Serbia in turn the final fight.

In this World Cup, Ivory Coast to South Africa with the same determination to overcome fate. But again tournament board has not supported them when they met two rivals "bone" in the first two turns of the table, the result was that they only earn a point and can not determine the fate of their own. Despite only having a weak Korea opponent but competition with them is to beat Portugal to win 7-0. Drogba and the team have to win nine separate and waiting Portugal lost before Brazil. So they have the opportunity to go forward. It was a too narrow door and the "elephants" can not pass. Their rivals, Korea also entered the game with high determination, could expect to record any little mark in the biggest football festival on the planet. Therefore, scoring nine goals from Ivory Coast could not come true.

Entering the spirit of "all the front line," Ivory Coast has continued to open the attack toward the goal of Korea. Before the power of “forest elephants”, said Asian team has only defense cluster with the main objective to limit the number of goals conceded. Despite playing defense actively with the majority but Korean can not block all attacks are powerful nasal burning gas to seek a miracle by representatives from Africa, is the continuous phase shooting and scored only three small figures compared with team’s chances and Drogba missed. Ivory Coast players looked full of flaming fire attack in this match, not a few people felt sorry for them because if the match met Portugal in the first match, they dared to play with high spirit and courage , they may have not encountered situations "strict" as the present.

Perhaps before the big battle, Eriksson intended to draw Portugal and Brazil, won North Korea to get tickets in the next round. But this attempt is worth before defeat Brazil. Simultaneously, Portugal showed the power terribly before North Korea which destroyed all. Ivory Coast again can not beat fate and followed Algeria, Nigeria to leave from the first round. Sadness and frustration, but Drogba and the team can fully stood because they have shown their character and could not go forward because of losing only sub-index, if compared with the failures of France or Italy, Ivory Coast have pride and pride at what they have done!


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