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Dramatic victory helped America go with the first rank of the Group C.

Algeria were holding period of the tournament, coach Bob Bradley's team suddenly find single goal in extra time minutes, enough to occupy the top position Group C (see Ghana in the following round).

Landon Donovan scored prior decisions; the ratio of 0-0 is big worry for the U.S. team. If America is a draw in the third consecutive match, America will only have three points, less one point than Slovenia - English team lost 0-1 in a match held at the same time. Not just the ticket in 16 teams round, the throne of Donovan also offers America to the first position of Group C. This is the first American to win the placement of a round table at the World Cup since 1930.

Meanwhile, with many opportunities to score goal before goalkeeper Tim Howard, Algeria deserved draw. Continue to show gameplay as performance, based on various passing and skillful ability to turn, the players of coach Rabah Saadane has shown a point in England draws 0-0 with the results four days ago is not good luck gift from god. If they are more conscious in the minutes of extra time, Americans would not enjoy the triumph when Slovenia goes in the next round in Group C.

The team comes up through the game; Coach Bradley made three changes before the draw against Slovenia four days ago. Replace defender Oguchi Onyewu is Jonathan Bornstein. In midfield, Jose Torres was instead of Maurice Edu. Jozy Altidore striker played with the Hercules Gomez. These changes do not promote efficiency in the first period. America narrowly defeated in the goal under six minutes, when Algeria's Rafik Djebbour hit the bar from touching bar of about 10 m.

Not strong in the coordination phase, Algeria held off rivals sought by passing short, medium and ability to manage skillfully. During this time, the United States only caused a hazard - Gomez hit shot from 20 meters distance, but keeper Ouheb Games Mbolhi fly out to prevent the ball.

Over 20 minutes, the game started on inclining to America. The ball phase coordinated two borders, Donovan and his teammates explored speed through defensive phase of opponent. 23 minutes, midfielder Clint Dempsey put the ball into the net Mbouli goalkeeper but the referee did not recognize because of the off side.

Not control the ball more than the U.S. should try to attack by shooting. However, opportunities often come from the fast-phase coordination in the midfield. 35 minutes after single effort of Donovan, Dempsey missed a good chance twice when definite distances from 6 m in position of Mbolhi.

Over the break, Coach Bradley decided to improve the attack by the U.S. decision to Benny Feilhaber instead of Gomez. Algeria continues to hold the ball pretty solid, but the dangerous situation is in America. 56 minutes, the score seemed to be opened when Altidore sticked slot for Dempsey. In the face, the Fulham midfielder (UK) went to the right column, and then shot the bar when the ball turned sharply back.

Anxious before the goal-scoring abilities of his players, coach Bradley launched Edson Buddle to replace Edu. As the game entered the last 20 minutes, the U.S. attacked continuosly because the ratio of England - Slovenia is still 1-0. Ratio means that the U.S. must keep winning to go forward.
70 minutes, Mbolhi a brave flight phase, prevents the header from Buddle. Do not give up, America continues attacking. 80 minutes, Michael Bradley, son of Coach USA, is a powerful free-kick but the winner is still Mbolhi.

Excellent style of goalkeeper Algeria enough to cause depression for opponent and is the will of the American determination to maintain the attack. Notwithstanding our expectations, luck finally smiled coach Bradley‘s team. In the braking phase in minutes into extra time Monday, Mbolhi does not grab the ball after Altidore shoots stretch. From a distance of 7 meters, Donovan fell easily, scored the only goal of the match.


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