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Brazil - Portugal: Waiting for soccer party attack

Table game "death" is clear in the last round. Portugal was eliminated only when they lost Brazil 0-2 and Ivory Coast won 8-0 Korea - something unlikely.

So football between Brazil and Portugal are considered tonight's match between Brazil a bit of pragmatism and team "Brazil of Europe" with Portugal star attacked. Reuters forecast is "football party" for the fans worldwide.

Real Brazil seems fade. As newspapers and the former Brazil player names Socrates, Gerson before tournament is too hard with players and coach Dunga. The two battles show, the army never turned their backs Dunga "joga bonito" (beautiful football.)

Brazil's Dunga and lull the team tried to stretch the opponent with precise passing, I found a gap to 5-6 with players rushing up massively. "I've seen a champion, then, that Brazil" - coach Eriksson's team reviews the Ivory Coast.

Brazil is now full strength. Korea set to reach 6 months and the Ivory Coast forest elephants they also be subdued! But above all, Brazil is still Brazil's "Joga Bonito".

Portugal shoudn’t anticipate the victory before North Korea. In fact, the value of Portugal at the first 2 goals, 5 goals to the other when North Korea broke. If the North Korean game play as the military's death met the Brazilian, Portuguese is also difficult to find a goal and not speak well to the seven goals.

Ronaldo similes silly when he scored too easily on the net match and Korea. He did not expect his thirst clearing nearly 2 years without scoring for Portugal so easy.

In this battle, Brazil missing Kaka from suspension and injury Elano, Baptista and Dani Alves will be present. On Portugal, coach Queiroz will remain the team to play against Korea and committed to play attacking football. Portugal where they play attacking football easily to play Brazil made massive counter-attack and the effectiveness of them. Brazil last won 12/18 face Portugal, the most recent match them 6-2 down at the end of the Portuguese in 2008.


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