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Spain and Honduras: the spirit of gladiator suspension

Position as the leading candidate for the World Cup championship this year that fans are located in Spain after being shaken violently shocked to Switzerland. More than ever, Del Bosque's army needed a victory to continue to maintain confidence.
Not entirely a bad performance, Spain is only a single error is not taken the ball into the net of Switzerland. The technical quality of the team characterized the Iberian Peninsula is still fully presented in his battle with the overwhelming control of the ball on time. However, a single mistake of the apparatus seemingly has the same asymptotic two words "perfect" that has led this team to the back of the first game of failure with a minimum score before the players come from Switzerland.

On the opposite side, the player of Honduras who is not what makes them happy because just suffered a defeat against Chile. The defensive effort in helping this team to help them minimize the number of goals they can not lose the hope to hook the point. Forces are too weak compared to competitors in the auction table, Honduras had probably played based on the spirit and waiting is essentially what miracles occur.

The ungainly strikers in the Spain squad in the first day of the Del Bosque led to seek reinforcements to Fernando Torres, although he only just recovered from injury. The presence of Torres leaving quickly highlighted, while some opportunities are continuously created with much higher frequency and at risk also increases with it. The pressure of having to win without allowing Torres to continue sitting on the bench in the game. He will go to a courtyard with a field initiated task and a source of inspiration for finding the net to the opponent of the reigning European champions.

Honduras certainly knows where they stand and not too expectation for a miracle in this match. But football, like life, there are always ups and downs moments what they can not expect a good result before the Spanish. Honduras rival but a penniless man in the first round without scoring any goals and will have to battle with rising team and determination have been 3 points. If you make the holes in the last line, Honduras will not know as the second team as a surprise after the name of Switzerland.

Spain is definitely the team to be more highly and will be on the highest match with the determination to get three points first. These goals will help the stars of this team hold beliefs and temperamental predominance spirit after the defeat in first match, and more importantly, the dominant performance in winning the next round.


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