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Korean - Ivory Coast: Saying goodbye to dreams

With Ivory Coast, on the theory they were still opportunities to go forward. But actually, it is not ideal for elephants. Differences -2 compared to +7 the competition at No. 2 Portugal. Only new wonders to help coach Eriksson’s team go in the next round .Obviously, the opportunity are still, the elephants will fight powerfully. The match against Korea will also be a chance for Ivory Coast little face in the eyes of fans. Brazil won 1-3 to make the image of Ivory Coast in this year's tournament was marred losing 0-3, the Ivory Coast players have showed a violent game, lacking fair-play. Next violent phase of African team is Elano had to leave the field, while Kaka received a red card injustice. The match with Korea as an opportunity to get back with beautiful pictures where fans of a team's top Africa. At that time, elephants can stand to leave the tournament.

With Drogba captain of Ivory Coast, this year's World Cup is almost the last major league appearances for his national team with Zokora, Toure brothers, Eboué .. this is the most talent generation of the Ivory Coast Football has produced. Talent but no grace in the tournament for the World Cup. 2 times, Drogba and the team must fall on the table too hard to fight. Drogba had almost full titles at club level but success remains elusive himself. World Cup this year, Drogba was shown the beautiful picture of a main elephant .The elephant had trauma before WC but Drogba is compressed pain to the ground. The ability to Ivory Coast is eliminated after the match with Korea and then the tears would fall. Poor Droba, poor the Ivory Coast a strong team but there is no grace in the big league.

In the first WC back after 44 years, Korea has been caught in a hard table.La visit Korea on the same table with three very strong teams of the world: Brazil, Portugal Nga. Ballot- paper made North Korea to play with the strongest team Brazil, Portugual, Ivory Coast. In the first match, North Korea only lost Brazil 1 – 2. However, the second match, gap in class was displayed. Fatal mistakes in the defenses caused disastrous Korea - Portugal 0-7. Second WC, Korea was not able to do that his generation did 44 years ago in Englan. The opportunity the next round finishes, against Ivory Coast meaning only procedures with players and coach Kim Jong-Hun. If winning in this match, Korea will have nice goodbye with WC. Despite crushing 0-7 defeat to Portugal before, but players and coach Kim Jong-Hun still receive faith and love of fans. Coach Kim Jong -Hun need to compete in an impressive final game with Ivory Coast to be able to honor their return home.

Both Korea and Ivory Coast came to South Africa with so many nice dreams. But in a table where Brazil and Portugal was playing too well, they have no chance to cause surprise. Next match, both teams will try to express themselves to nice farewell.


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