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Before the last match: Italy has wide doors

If the coach Marcello Lippi has repeated the message "Do not fear, we will go forward" in the session last morning, then he is not tried to be optimistic. In fact, the situation before the last match in Group F is very supportive Italy.

Fortunately, coach Lippi‘s team is still holding their discretion and not fall into the hopeless situation as French neighbors. If defeated Slovakia, whether any ratio, Italy will also write their name on the knock-out rounds without interest in the outcome of the match between Paraguay and New Zealand now. Again, like before the game against Paraguay and New Zealand, Italy has been highly anticipated more than rivals from Central Europe. If the cerulean team can develop in time and experience their bravery, as fans have always expected, nothing to worry. Italy only officially "dead" if they lost Slovakia, in this case, they "died" there is nothing regrettable.

Why Italy can win Slovakia? In both previous matches, no one recognized the face of the Azzurra because in fact, they have no right to play game of few chances forte. Both Paraguay and New Zealand are undertaking a defensive play and Italy has to put up, especially after a surprise lead with goals before Italy, which played attacking initiative has never been the strength of the cerulean team.

Similar scenarios have happened thousands of times in Serie A in recent years, leading the “giants” team often more difficult in the face of the bottom teams. But Slovakia can not play defense when they have to win Italy to salvage hope, winning even strong goals. The two-way match will be easier to Italy, instead of crashing head on concrete as in the past two games.

It is likely that Italy doesn’t need to win in Slovakia, but only draw. The reason is that the match remaining, Paraguay still has to win New Zealand to go in the next round but also win the top of Group. Paraguay is currently with 4 safe points, if to defeat New Zealand while Italy beat Slovakia, they still come back home; but if for draw, and they may fall to second Group, in case Italy wins Slovakia to two separate goals or more goals. Netherlands are almost sure the top of Group E, Paraguay should definitely want to take over the top of Group F to avoid. If Paraguay wins New Zealand, Italy will go with three draw games as in the first round World Cup 1982. Critical in this confrontation is that New Zealand no longer allowed to defend themselves if they want to, but once they do not play defense, the difficult predict is that New Zealand will be probably fade.

Italy can be the ticket to go forward, but they can not determine the ticket of top Group, and in the second case, their ability to face the Netherlands in round 1 / 8 is almost certain. Lippi naturally wants the best ability to occur and avoid "Filter Orange", but one can not decide when it is not the right choice. But it is not likely to have a disadvantage, because of facing the Dutch attack as a condition for Italy to use weapons of few chances forte, with chances of success are higher.


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