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England - Algeria: Demonstrating the candidate position

After a disappointing draw with America at the weekly auction opening, Coach Fabio Capello and his team has no goal other than a victory over Algeria in order to restore the image of the candidate for the championship.

To South Africa with the posture of a candidate also as France, Italy or Spain, what the British game show in the first round is very disappointing. A point has been drawn from the U.S to make no ambition to continue of coach Capello and his team affected. However, the way which the team lost point of origin to new fog is what England fans feared.
Not only to World Cup, the fear of the position "guard house" in England's goal appears. If this problem doesn’t overcome inherent weaknesses, England could hardly succeed in the way of conquering the Gold Cup.
Despite criticism from the public to the Green, still stands out Fabio Capello defended his players and goalkeeper who plays for West Ham are also told to continue giving the chance to atone. When David James couldn’t have been the best power and bear the burden about the age, Joe Hart is too inexperienced and it seems that Green is still the choice of the Don Fabio in the match, tonight.
England desperately needs a victory, even a victory of many goals before Algeria to the top of Group competition. If not, they have encountered the German, “The Big" persuaded the first match, in Round 1 / 8 are entirely possible. Obviously, Don Fabio and his team didn’t want to fall into the situation.
To improve the strength to attack and take good advantage of scoring opportunities, the problem that Fabio Capello must solve is this position of the player who plays with Wayne Rooney. In his battle with the United States, Emile Heskey, who was selected and Aston Villa striker has not really left their mark.

In defense, after losing captain Rio Ferdinand because of injury, England continue to suffer when midfielder Ledley King in his knee problem and had no chance to play in the next game. The situation forced Capello to bring Jamie Carragher with John Terry and midfielder with a defender's sluggish playing for Liverpool against the U.S. led the England fans at least once "uttered heart."
Still, they have a good news that they will have the return of defensive midfielder Gareth Barry in the game tonight after his recovering ankle injury. Barry's mission is to "captured dead" Karim Ziani, creative player and a "detonator" side of Algeria. The appearance of Barry also means Gerrard will be allocated land to play left wing, while John Lennon, who played impressively in his battle with the U.S., will be responsible for the opposite corridor.
Slovenia defeat before that Algeria is the weakest team Group C and will hardly have the opportunity to "The report notes the desert," makes a surprise tonight. Teams from North Africa will not have the services of striker Abdelkader Ghezzal due to red card in the game. Meanwhile, the ability to play goalkeeper Faouzi Chaouchi left open by a knee injury.
Eve of World Cup 2010, Algeria had failed 0-3 prior Ireland, the team can play UK style and an obvious weakness of every player is able to cope with Algeria before the thrown ball from phase two wings. With these players have good speed and pass the ball as Wright Phillips, Lennon or Gerrard, England will surely make the team defense on North Africa is a hard competition.
The difference between quality and experienced players, a victory almost within reach of coach Capello’s team. However, fans are more interested in images to show the position and aspirations of one of candidates for the heavyweight championship.


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