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World Cup 2010 Top 8 Quarter-finals Schedule

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FIFA World Cup™ 2010 Schedule : Quarter-finals

Netherlandsvs.Brazil-2 Jul 10:00am (ET) on ESPN
Uruguayvs.Ghana-2 Jul 2:30pm (ET) on ESPN
Argentinavs.Germany-3 Jul 10:00am (ET) on ABC
Paraguayvs.Spain-3 Jul 2:30pm (ET) on ABC

Villa shines, Spain pass over Portugal

Dominating play and complete control of the game but Spain have a hard time winning 1-0 before a new neighbor Portugal. David Villa is the author of the single goal put the European champions in 2010 World Cup quarter-final against Paraguay.

From a nice phase to the right attack on the "grave" Ricardo Costa opponent's side, David Villa scored the only goal to take 1-0 victory for Spain. Ronaldo's effort and his team-mates become unsuccessful, even Ricardo Costa was sent off in the last match.

Spain put up attacks immediately after the whistle declared and Fernando Torres partly reflected in single class to finish definitely cross angle powerfully forced Eduardo to fly to save in the first minute. Then turn Villa launched a similar shot but again, Eduardo is the winner.

Army coach Del Bosque game development contest tiqui taca ultra-plat, the phase coordination occurred with dizzying speed forced defenses Portugal just knew defence. But too absorbed in the attack, Spain nearly paid the price when in minute 20, Tiago hit shot from outside the penalty area forced Casillas to punch the ball out and flied to rescue next approach of Almeida.

The next minute, the match took place quite attractively; high professional quality but no teams scored a goal before the break. Entering the second half, coach Del Bosque’s team has completed control of the middle area. However, La Furia Roja yet encountered too many difficulties before the close game of Portugal.

Immediately, Bilbao striker caps for Portugal made Portugal defense dizzy when he played header towards Eduardo’s goal and forced him to drag out hard. Soon after, David Villa played through a Portugal defender and cross the diagonal corner but the ball was definitely deviate column again.

Pressed constantly, Spain finally also broke the deadlock in 62 minutes. After a series of mixed phases, Iniesta passed to Xavi and David Villa finished, Eduardo interfered to prevent the ball. But in that case, "El Guaje" has not made any mistakes to hit the ball into the empty net, and score 1-0 to Spain.

When Portugal was put into the situation to attack, Spain has more space for goal to reach the enemy. 69 minutes, Iniesta stroked slot for Ramos to run down and finished by the left leg, but Eduardo once again denied a goal by the European champions.

There was nothing left to lose, coach Queiroz decided to launch both Liedson and Pedro Mendes on the ground to strengthen the attack. However, Spain was still the team to play actively and if shot from David Villa in the 76th minute was successful, La Furia Roja had the second goal.

On the last match, Spain actively reduced the pace of the match but they still had a sharp attack phase. 88 minutes, Villa had thrown the ball for Llorente headed well; the ball went in column though Eduardo was insufficient. The inability of Portugal also expressed that Ricardo was sent off the competition.

Lack of a player in the last minute, bitter defeat Portugal 0-1 in the quarterfinals and the right to give his brother the Iberian Peninsula.

Japan became disillusioned in the quarter-finals after series "gun battle"

The valiant competition and full of efforts, Japan held Paraguay throughout the 120 minutes. The result forced the match to 0-0 with the delimitation of 11m penalties and Japan who are less fortunate ...

Thus, Japan was unable to maintain the presence of Asian 2010 World Cup quarter-finals after South Korea had to stop before a competitor was different from South America - Uruguay. However, the efforts of the Rising Sun country team was commendable as they competed fairly Paraguay during 120 minutes and lost against in the series "gun battle" is full of chance.

With the caution of both teams, game speed was only average. Both Japan and Paraguay indicated that priority to ensure certainty in the home yard should not have many dangerous brake situations. Major routes where the fiercest dispute, with the dominating part of Paraguay.

South American teams have more ball controlling rate compared with Japan and the first significant chance of the match belonged to Paraguay. 21 minutes, Barrios have cleverly mixed in the penalty area to get rid of the pair of defenders Japan and the opportunity to face goalkeeper Kawashima. However, the definite phase of Barrios was not too dangerous and Kawashima prevented from his leg.

Just then a minute, Japan has responded with determination shot of Matsui outside the penalty area. Goalkeeper Villar almost beaten but the ball found South America’s goal.

The initiative continues to belong to Paraguay, while Japan remained loyal to the defensive counter attack. 29 minutes, from corner kick situations, the location of Santa Cruz was rather convenient but Manchester City striker again definitely derailed Japan’s goal.

Side Japan, Honda still played very aggressively and prominently in the highest position on defence. Support for him was Matsui and Okubo filled aggressively in the right wing, with the speedy ball phases.

Into the second half, the game still nothing changes compared to the first 45 minutes. Paraguay team held the initiative; Japan was also trying to protect their goal and enlisted the counterattack phase. 53 minutes, the insurgent phase to support attacks, defenders had a chance to finish Nagamoto but even the ball patted a player of Paraguay redirected, goalkeeper Villar still owned the situation.

With the game balanced and cautious of both teams, the opportunities were more dangerous in front of the Japanese’s goal as well as Paraguay. 0-0 ratio was maintained until the end of 90 minutes and two official teams forced into extra time half.

Two teams accelerated speed when stepping the extra time half because no teams wanted the game to finish by penalty series. 97 minutes, Valdez had a phase to be very technical to escape down but the goalkeeper Kawashima run very fast and limited narrow angle shot of the Paraguay striker side Japan. Japan responded by going kick the ball into the sinking of the Honda, forcing the goalkeeper Villar to punch the ball out.

However, after 30 minutes of extra time half, Japan and Paraguay were not able to find each other's net and the match was decided by the series "gun battle". While the Paraguay players made all five successful penalty then the Japanese side, Komano beating shot outside the bar, making the team 3-5 defeat sunrise and must give power to the quarterfinals for Paraguay.

This is the first time in Paraguay is in the quarterfinals of a World Cup, while Japan defeated but teachers Takeshi Okada can still head high left South Africa, where they have a successful tournament .

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Battle Spain - Portugal, tomorrow: the light night of thousand stars

Along with confrontation England - Germanybetween neighbors on the Iberian Peninsula is also considered one of the most worth watching match of first round knock-out between the brightest star ranked current world ...

It took the land?

Since the beginning of round knock-out, every body can expect a confrontation between Spain and Portugal, the representative for the beautiful gameplay of the old continent will give audiences sumptuous banquet goals. But the Iberian Peninsula has been rocked by the continuous bombardment phase?

When stepping into the knockout stage game, where people will not get a chance to rectify any mistakes and must be paid in the most expensive. The fact that since Queiroz was a coach, the Portuguese gradually abandoned images "Brazil of Europe" to reach a more solid game, no coincidence that starting the prize up to now, Eduardo still have not once picked up the ball into the net. Betel shirt team possessed an excellent defensive (conceding 3 / 19 closest match) and the goal was the first priority to be set in the approach in the Portugal match.

Look to the neighbors, painful defeat on the day against the Swiss made Del Bosque embarrassed, although he still affirmed the confidence in tiqui-TACA. Their coordination ability is still very beautiful but has not been effectively maintained by a variety of reasons, the enemy captured for poor ability of finishing phase ... Only the winner will be mentioned, but not so in the second match later was no longer Flamengo dance images instead of efficiency and safety.

Waiting bright Stars

With the current situation plus the stress of an oppressive attempt to fight, people are waiting for the stars to shine. Can be a decisive shot, a random ball, a arty trim line or simply a phase makes foot ball change direction, even as a goal "turtle" ... Essentially, blood artist has instilled in each of the Iberian people, because they can win when feelings arise, nothing to prevent their feet dancing. So stars can decide this battle.


After valid solution goals against Korea, those who love the magic of No.9 legs, he will continue to expect intense explosion on South Africa ground. Spanish players probably understand the Ronaldo’s strengths and weaknesses so striker of Real need to take full advantage of the phase kick- Tomahawk when having the chance.


Villa is still shooting loony but in big matches, El Nino always has a voice to decide. Barrels of gunpowder was hidden for a long time and know where the heat from the war that will cause it to explode. Liverpool striker's class is undeniable, and perhaps he becomes familiar with the ball Jabulani, the goal will not be far from Torres.

Raul Meireles

The midfielder had tattooed arms are reaching high style, not only in defense certainly, but also continuously create unexpected punch from the two lines. A phase penetrated in the penalty area and finished of the player caps for Porto, could bring advantages for Portugal.


Together with Villa, Barcelona midfielder is second best player in the composition of La Seleccion. Importance of Iniesta showed too well as soon as he recovered from injuries, Del Bosque has given "Saint Andres" in the official team list. Not only creating directly Iniesta but also helping the home team to win.

Paraguay - Japan: The pride of Asia

Decisive battle with Denmark in the group stage was for soccer fans to see a different world to Japan. Not only good in the direct kick, coach Takeshi Okada's team also expressed a game no less technical with representatives of South America. But in the next 16 teams, representatives of Asia will face a real South American team, which is Paraguay.

Pass the group stage excellently with two convincing victories Cameroon and Denmark, and only failed minimum before the candidate for the championship Netherlands at the tournament this year. Coach Takeshi Okada’s team proved not only for home fans but also for all soccer fans in the world: Japan came to 2010 World Cup don’t have to pave the way. Furthermore, with the past the group stage when the tournament was not held in their home communities, "cherry" team has once again affirmed that Japan is promoted by the legs and minds of coach and players.

The direct kick is extremely dangerous weapon of Japan squad, not one that Japan possesses the 3 shot feet that any team in any league this year also envies. Besides talent shooting of Endo and Honda that soccer fans in the world has witnessed in past matches, team origin "cherry" also own a very dangerous striker, but the fans know a long time, that's Shunsuke Nakamura. But he did not play regularly in tournaments this year, but will certainly Nakamura is extremely effective supplement to the midfield if necessary to prolong the match after 90 minutes of play. Not only to adapt quickly with the ball jabulani but also the Japanese players are making fans be surprised by their playing style. Coach Takeshi Okada's team has stepped up another level with the ability to regulate the wonderful game regardless of who they are. Looking back at the match with Cameroon, Netherlands, especially Denmark, the way that the Japanese players were no different to a team on the door, squeezed the opponent to play actively defensive counter - attack. It can be said that Coach Okada’s team is a collective solidarity based on outstanding individuals.

On the game against Paraguay, most likely Japan will actively attack right from the first minutes to seek advantage before playing defensive counterattack because Paraguay is a technical team; especially they are the top-class strikers in the world. But not so Japan will not attack, surely the shooting penalty phases with sharp counterattack of Keisuke Honda would be most effective for teachers coach Okada.

Besides, the central defender Tulio Tanaka will continue to show his class started with the most dangerous striker Cruz - Paraguay. With what Tulio showed in the attached Nicklas Bendtner during the match with Denmark, will inevitably make fans origin "cherry" peace of mind because controlling Cruz means for blocking the attacking side Paraguay.

On the Paraguay national team, first goalless draw in New Zealand in the final group games in the first round were fans of this country to worry by the inability of attacking even though they had no absence to regret. Can not blame the weakness of Santa Cruz because of the past two matches, striker caps Manchester City was performing the role playing ball more than scoring the ball. And in the coming match, striker Oscar Cardozo's Benfica definitely still plays from the beginning to work closely with Cruz and Nelson Valdez on attacking. However, every coach Gerardo Martino's strikers need to move much more, especially in situations inverted between the striker's offenses because Paraguay is now easy to fall into situations to be arrested.

Every such attack, Paraguay's defense also needs to concentrate more because Japan possesses the very dangerous player. Will no longer escape situations like the match with New Zealand because the striker's side of Japan is pretty good style, especially Honda. In addition to focus in situations that are defensive and limited areas within 16m50 mistakes before the players of Martino is also required to pay attention because Japan is showing the dangers to scary in the direct free kick. Along with that restriction situations hold the ball in defense, something the South American defenders have to pay the price like every other game in the first round of Chile, particularly in Mexico over 16 teams.

Chile vs. Brazil: class differences

Not having had any difficult problems before Chile, Brazil squad quickly found themselves on three goals to advance to the quarterfinals very convincingly. Simultaneously, confirming the position of a candidate for championship World Cup 2010.

Because it was too familiar with the two teams play each other should not take more time to develop the game in their match of the round 1 / 16 2010 World Cup. Chile has proved quite as confident of their matches in group stage, while Brazil proved cautious in the first minute but also gradually set up the initiative of them.

Chile tried to attack but the chances of their danger is not really clear that Brazil defenses still played very effectively and limit the penetration of the players of Chile. Meanwhile, Brazil's attacking with the back of the pillar quickly created sharp coordination situations compared to competitors and started launching phase definitely noticeable.

However, waiting 35 minutes, Brazil scored goals. Midfielder Juan participated in corner penalty situations, have chosen the right position to hit the net of Chile and Brazil to break the balance. This goal made the players Chile depression was seen and when they did not really "finished", Brazil continued to have more goals just three minutes later.

Who scored was striker Luis Fabiano, was the end of the counter-attack situations inside Brazil with the participation of both Kaka and Robinho. Advantage leading by two goals to help Brazil extremely confident in the rest of the match when Chile started proved confusing. The efforts of the personnel changed in Chile in the second half, they did not bring many effects before metamorphosis play and high concentration of the Brazilian players.

59 minutes, Robinho extended the gap to three goals for Brazil to take advantage of passing of Ramires successfully to record their names onto the score sheet. Gap was too large and despite the huge efforts during the remaining time but Chile still can not find any real opportunity for them. Final score was 3-0 and Brazil showed the world that they deserve to be in the quarterfinals and will face one of the potential candidates for the championship.

"Crystal Feet" Robben put Netherlands into the Quarter-finals

Victorious in the first round, as one candidate up for the world champions, Netherlands was under pressure when entering the ring 1 / 8 to Slovakia with psychology has to win.

But the return and score goals from Arjen Robben helped Netherlands to be a big advantage and the confidence after the spectacular 3-2 victory before Italy in the first round, does not make enough to Slovakia in the next miracle.

Despite the opponent missed several delicious situations and a goal from extra-time, the orange Tornodo still have won the competition 2-1, to be present at Quarter-finals from this tournament.

Back to the main events, immediately after the whistle declared, Slovakia quickly organize attacks, 2 minutes, Vladimir Weiss Rough broke through in opponent siege before passing out for Jendrisek. But in a favorable position, the striker shot through bar.

5 minutes later, the Dutch responded when Dirk Kuyt had thrown accurately to find the position of Van Persie in the penalty area but his header back midfielder Zabavnik who wandered across the border.

Playing all over the lines, orange team also quickly dominated by specifying goals. 18 minutes, from passing beyond the long line of Sneijder, Arjen Robben swung the ball into the middle area and launched straight shot near the corner. 1-0 Netherlands ahead.

40 minutes, from fast counter-attack situations, Van Persie cleverly took the ball past a defender in Slovakia, but the final shot of 16m50 adjacent bar is too light is not enough to beat Mucha.

Into the second half, Army's coach Vladimir Weiss attacked actively to look for goals but the Orange team is the team created much more dangerous situation.

50 minutes, Slovakia defender did not break ball well to correct the position of Robben. A definite phase ball finished technique to force Mucha to show all talents to rescue. A minute later, Mucha poured to block the kick of Van Persie in the penalty area.

Netherlands didn’t want opponent to dominate, the Netherlands also set goal of Slovakia in an emergency. 71 minutes, Dirk Kuyt decided to break at about 25 m distance, his shot forcing insurance fails to punch the ball award Mucha risk.

After a series of missed opportunities, Netherlands created the safety of ratio on 84 minutes when the score from the penalty coordination phase rapidly, Dirk Kuyt's clever header across Mucha was going away before the horizontal line, Wesley Sneijder fell comfortable with the accuracy cushion up to 2-0 ratio for the Netherlands Squad.

And all Slovakia's last effort to help them get only a consolation goal. 3 minutes of extra time, Jan Kucka was fouled in the penalty area and referee Udianno did not hesitate to point out penalty.

From 11m penalty, striker Vittek did not make any mistake to set 1-2 defeat of Slovakia and taking a pity look Netherlands to win the ticket at World Cup quarter-final.

Brazil Won 3 - 0 Chile Fifa World Cup 2010 Scorecard Results Robinho

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Brazil vs Chile 3-0 World cup 2010
Chile is out from the world cup 2010, Brazil make a step forward for the world cup 2010 Trophy.
Goal Scorer From Brazil are
Juan, 34
Luis Fabiano, 38
Robinho, 59
Brazil reach in Quarter Finals
Scorecard Result
Brazil 3 - 0 Chille
34th minutes GOAL Juan Brazil 1-0 Chile
Juan is on hand to thump a header high into the net

38th minutes GOAL Luis Fabiano Brazil 2-0 Chile
Luis Fabiano to nonchalantly round the keeper and slot into the empty net.

59th minutess Robinho GOAL Brazil 3-0 Chile
Robinho who gloriously curls into the far corner of Claudio Bravo's net. Very brilliant Goal.

Robinho Selected for the man of the match award

Lampard controversy England Vs Germany World Cup 2010 disallowed goal Steven Gerrard

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Steven Gerrard says Frank Lampard's disallowed goal against Germany is no excuse for England's

Brazil - Chile, hardly unexpected the same as “grasshopper kick elephant'

With the superior class unless big surprise, coach Dunga’s team give Chile the ticket to go forward in the second round today. According to the division, if through 16 teams, Brazil and Netherlands will make an attractive bout screen in the quarterfinals. Of course, the unexpected can always come up at any time until now the World Cup 2010 also saw many giants have embraced hatred for the small and medium sized team. But look at the correlation of forces, high style, class and experience; also play a similar style pair of "grasshopper kick elephant" Slovakia - Netherlands, ability of Chile can make a big coup before Brazil to win tickets to the quarterfinals is not high.

Although much progress and ranked second in South American qualifying, behind Brazil with a point each less, Chile clearly reveal the limitations of a mid-level team to compete in World Cup finals. That poor ability to concentrate and play attacking a spiritual nature. Before the Swiss equalize and less than Honduras, Chile is still enough to win. But when met Spain at older and higher level, the restricti made coach Bielsa’s team lose 1-2, even commented on the game, they played not too badly compared to the European champions.

Unfortunately for Chile, Group H second position force them to knockout match with Brazil, a similar quality opponent like Spain and even more highly in terms of monsters and skill and spirit combined. These are qualities that they clearly reveal the three matches in Group G - fighting death in 2010 World Cup. Not too spectacular, but still gently Brazil beat North Korea and Ivory Coast in the first two turns to win tickets to go before the game and win a leisurely end with one point against Portugal (0-0 ) to win the top of Group.

Chile must squeeze every effort to match with Spain and lost three pillars because of penalty card in the match, including Estrada defensive midfielder and central defender pair Ponce - Medel. The absence of this trio as that quality in Chile's defense system declines, especially two reserve players replace Contreras - Fuentes superior of inferior quality. This is probably the biggest worries of coach Bielsa when dealing with these stars have high speed, good technique and sly of opponent, today.

In contrast, Brazil is achieving a perfect state of both physics and psychology and force. At the end of group stage matches with Portugal coach Dunga took off for Robinho, Elano on a reserve chair, Melo, shall be taken a rest early from the end of half time. Brazil posture sure that that day will also help build the pillars left, not lose too much energy. Meet Chile today, they also welcome the return of Kaka, orchard to sit out because of penalty cards in previous matches. With a 28-year-old midfielder, Brazil will far more dangerous when back familiar 4-2-3-1 system and defense fast counterattack play that Dunga constructed for students during 4 years.

Besides the advantage of class, style of the current force, Brazil is also backed by elements from history. They recently lost Chile, took place 10 years ago at the 2002 World Cup qualifier. But after the 0-3 defeat in 2000, Brazil beat Chile to eight times and only one draw in the next nine encounters. If only seven times in the most recent meeting, Brazil won all seven, up to 26 goals against South American neighbors and conceded only 3 times.

In the World Cup play, Brazil is also victorious in both Chile clashes in the finals; it was the 4-1 win in round 16 teams in 1998 and 4-2 in the semifinals in 1962 when Chile is host country. Also in the 2010 World Cup qualifier recently, Brazil also forced the pathetic opponent in both views: Chile 3-0 on the land in 2008 and 4-2 last year at home. Coach Dunga teachers also own a very charming as Robinho scored the goal before Chile, up to six times in five games meet the latest.

Netherlands - Slovakia: Fearing "the spirit of Slovakia"

A day before the match between the Netherlands and Slovakia in the round 1 / 8 World Cup 2010, members of the team the nickname "The orange Tornado " are quite wary of the team spirit of inter- former state of Czechoslovakia.

Netherlands has had an impressive achievement in the first round with nine points after three matches’ absolute triumph. With the top of Group E, the coach Van Berwijk’s team was currently evaluated as a candidate for the championship.

In round 1 / 8, opponents of the Netherlands is Slovakia, the team ranked second in Group F after one round. Basically, teams of Eastern Europe do not be assessed equally against the Netherlands but with a victory down champions Italy at the same time forcing the world to stop right at the round table, Slovakia shows they are a challenging. This is the reason for Mark Berwijk feel quite disturbing if opponents of the Netherlands will continue to maintain a spirit of competition as flaming fire in Italy a 3-2 victory.

"Slovakia is a competitor that we can not underestimate" the Dutch coach admitted.
Midfielder Arijen Robben, who returned after injury and impressed in last 20 minutes playing games with Cameroon is confirmed, with the highest confidence, Netherlands will pass Slovakia to go forward.

On the other side of the front line, "killer" Robert Vittek who has established a double into the net of Italy, integrated campaign that champions the world is a miracle for football Slovakia.

According striker playing in France, the spirit is high with a comfortable mind; Slovakia is promising to continue to create the unexpected. "Nothing to lose. We as a World Cup rookie and who also are considered" flanking the edge "but Slovakia have made clear all surprised. We have done and hope well before the Dutch again like the way we overcame Italy. Still upcoming opponents know a candidate, but Slovakia has shown confidence. "

The match between the Netherlands and Slovakia will be held at the Moses Mabhida stadium. Winner of this auction will be named the pair in the quarterfinals with a rival team to win the match between Brazil and Chile.

Defeating Mexico, Argentina is ready for battle with Germany

Shows a convincing style, Argentina beats Mexico 3-1 and Tevez recorded the mark with a brace. Coach Maradona’s team was clear in the quarterfinals and reunited Germany, the chance for Argentina to reclaim the debt, borrowed four years ago.

Despite the impressive play in the first round but the fans still doubt about the true strength of coach Maradona’s team. Anxiety has entire basics because Mexico is playing better teams in the game thanks to superior strength foundation somewhat Argentina is confusing.

However, with the Argentina star class knows how to make a difference. Tevez put Argentina ahead with the header correctly. Then, Higuain punish mistakes of defenses and eventually Mexico, Tevez ended any hope of the Gold Cup champions in phase “cannons fired perfectly”.

Javi Hernandez scored the only meaning of honor for the coach Aguirre’s team. Lost 1-3, Mexico once again embrace anger before Argentina, they cannot pass the opportunity over 1 / 8 (except for two World Cups were held in their home). Now with the Los Albiceleste, they determined to reclaim the debt when reunited "German tanks" in the quarterfinals.

Coach Maradona still uses the familiar three-Higuain Messi-Tevez on attack. In addition, to prevent the technical capabilities of the enemy, Aguirre layouts of three muscles Torrado, Juarez and Bautista in the middle area. Franco and the absence of Vela, all hope on attack placed for Giovanni.

Mexico entered the match filled with excitement. 7 minutes, Salcido hit shot fired from a distance of 25 m to find the ball into the crossbar. Then turn Guardado left leg technically, stroked the ball, goalkeeper Romero watched the ball but it spanned outside.

Before Mexico played a complete discipline and approach, Argentina faced many difficulties in implementing the attack. Messi has always been two, three players around the opponent and when necessary, the defenders Mexico did not hesitate to foul to stop star playing for the Barcelona.

However, Messi still expressed mischievous in the processing phase when in minute 28, El Pulga sticked slot for Tevez played down forcing goalkeeper Perez prevented to break out. In the situation, Messi quicky hit the ball for Tevez to play header and connecting gently into the space golf, score 1-0 for Argentina.

In the context of impasse play, Mexico defense phase has again silly mistakes. 32 minutes, Osorio passed errors to Higuain and he robbed. In addition, just in a pace of management, he passed ball through Perez buffered into the net, double the gap up to 2-0 for Argentina.

There was nothing left to lose, Mexico was forced to push high team, Salcido shot from outside the penalty area forced Romero to fly to save. Argentina always proved dangerous to small phase coordination in the central area and Messi made goalkeeper Perez again difficult to definitively dangerous phase in 35 minutes.

Mexico continued to increase pressure but they lacked precision in the final processing phase. The first half ends with a big advantage of Argentina, despite the reaction of teachers and coach Aguirre on a goal by Tevez. To the second half, coach Aguirre decided to launch Barrera instead of Bautista strengthen on the attack.

These adjustments helped Mexico played reasonably coherent and control of midfield. However, Argentina has always had the stars that shine at the right time. 51 minutes after phase coordinate with Messi, Tevez launching cannon shot from outside the penalty area, the ball went straight into the corner far, Perez has no opportunity to drag out. 3-0, things have become too easy for Argentina.

There was nothing left to lose, Mexico focus on full force attack, but they often reveal mistakes on the attack that if Tevez or Messi were more sensitive, Perez goalkeeper continued picking the ball. Then, Barrera then Guardado and Salcido consecutively finished but goalkeeper Romero were easily disabled.

Maradona decided to leave out Tevez to replace Véron, create conditions for higher Messi play. Mexico is full of resilience and to play 68 minutes, from the left flank Bypass, Barrera finished full of dangerous but definitely failed.

The efforts of the team "Three colors" finally paid off in minute 70, Javi Hernandez past two defenders and finished assertively; shortened the score down to 1-3 for Mexico. Army coach Aguirre was doing everything to raise their hopes on an upstream swim.

Regarding the game, Argentina played slowly but they still held the counterattack line clearl. 90 minutes, Messi past the ball two defenders to Mexico, then definitely finished art but goalkeeper Perez who was flying to save. Messi missed opportunity "to fire" at the World Cup, but the result 3-1 tilt on Maradona led Argentina to feel fully satisfied.

“Tanks” Germany crushed England 4-1 to advance to quarterfinals

Simple, accurate and efficient, plus a referee's mistake, " tanks" was made 4-1 victory before coach Capello's team in round 16 clash at the 2010 World Cup team on Sunday night.

"The candidate for the champions ", Stepping the generation in 1966 to bring glory to the country ... just two of the numerous fine word from the British media to talk about his team's 2010 World Cup ahead. The presence of the glorious strategist Italian Capello, winning easily in qualifying, the pillar orchestra of maturity like Terry, Lampard, Rooney Gerrrad or as a basis for their members as well as optimistic fans on World Cup success. Despite his refusal to mention the highest, to avoid pressure for students, it also set a target of Capello for England as "least reached the semi-finals."

Even when England started deviating, to scratch a new order through the first round and fell into the top-level categories directly with Germany, this faith is not chipped. For the positive achievements in the past, typically, destructive battle rival 5-1 9 years ago, or a friendly game 11/2008 which teachers Capello back down Joachim Low's team 2-1 cited as evidence that the generation of this team can be victorious to continue towards the goal of conquering the Golden Cup in South Africa. However, from the soaring words of flattery, after 90 minutes of competition, England suddenly sank down the ground and faced with refugee status. It is pathetic 1-4, the inferior man in a comprehension, play and above all, a pain having to witness the championship dreams shattered.

Witnessing the game Sunday night, some fans will think that English team is not worthy to receive such an outcome. 39 minutes, while Germany is leading 2-1, Lampard made a perfect shot from the edge of the penalty. Not need to compare the slow phase, visible after the ball touches the bottom ground and through white line of goal. Instead of recognizing the goal in waiting of Lampard and the England squad member, referee Larrionda refused the goal after signals from the assistant referee in the border. If recognized, it would be to equalize 2-2 and England will know where players can trend the game, is beneficial to them?

However, football is like life. The referees, no matter how good eyes are, is only human, mistakes can be identified at any time. In addition, errors of those in need are always squid emerged as part of the game. At the 1966 World Cup final, when England met Germany 4-3 on Wembley pitch, England must also base on a controversial phase of Geoff Hurst (the ball seemed not through crosswalk) to fix the victory 4 - 3 and crowned champion. Likewise the German feeling of pain following goals in 1966 was lost, probably be very much longer, or never, the English players and fans forget when goal was denied by Lampard, Sunday evening.

US Soccer Fans After USA Eliminated World Cup 2010 USA Vs Ghana 2-1 Loss Video

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USA Soccer Team Loss Against Ghana 2-1 and Eliminated Out From World Cup 2010

Ghana Win Over USA Reach Final Eight World Cup 2010 Scorecard Results Asamoah Gyan

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Ghana 2 USA 1 , USA Vs Ghana Top 16 - 26 June 2010
Ghana became only the third African side to reach the quarter-final stage at a World Cup after Asamoah Gyan smashed home an extra-time winner to knock out the USA

Scorecrd Result
USA Vs Ghana 2-1 Historic Win Over USA

5th minutes GOAL Kevin-Prince Boateng USA 0-1 Ghana

Stunning start. USA's Ricardo Clark loses the ball on the halfway line and the ball is soon in Kevin-Prince Boateng's possession. He races through, seeing off Jay DeMerit and getting to the edge of the box where he slams a low left-foot shot into the bottom corner, What a start for the Africans.

62th minutes GOAL Landon Donovan USA 1-1 Ghana

For their second-half performance alone, they deserve that. Clint Dempsey scampers into the Ghana area and Jonathan Mensah misjudges his tackle - it's a definite penalty and Mensah is booked, so he would miss a potential quarter-final. Landon Donovan steps up and coolly slots in-off the left-hand post with Richard Kingson going the wrong way.

93rd minutes GOAL Asamoah Gyan USA 1-2 Ghana

Apart from Asamoah Gyan, that is. A long ball from the back from Andre Ayew sees Gyan battling with Carlos Bocanegra and despite a little push from the defender, he keeps his composure to smash a left-foot shot past Tim Howard from 16 yards. Great finish, advantage Ghana again.

So a Historic win for Ghana Reach Quarter Finals OF World Cup

USA v Ghana World Cup 2010 Top 16 Round 2

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USA vs Ghana World Cup 2010 Top 16 Round 2, 26 June 2010
Place: Rustenburg

Date: Saturday, 26 June 2010

Time: 1930 BST

Full Results Scorecard Highlights Here
Ghana 2 - USA 1
Ghana Won the Match and Reached Super 8, USA Out From World Cup 2010

United states striker Robbie Findley is available after completing a one-match ban. Coach Bob Bradley could recall centre-back Oguchi Onyewu, who lost his place to Jonathan Bornstein against Algeria as part of a defensive reshuffle.

Ghana are again expected to be without defender Isaac Vorsah, who has missed the last two games because of a hamstring problem. His absence is likely to mean youngster Jonathan Mensah continues at centre-back alongside the similarly-named John Mensah.

One game from suspension: Cherundolo, DeMerit, Altidore, Beasley (USA); Andre Ayew, Vorsah, Tagoe, Jonathan Mensah, Addy, Annan (Ghana).

Team Squad

USA squad America Team

* 01 Howard
* 02 Spector
* 03 Bocanegra
* 04 Bradley
* 05 Onyewu
* 06 Cherundolo
* 07 Beasley
* 08 Dempsey
* 09 Gomez
* 10 Donovan
* 11 Holden
* 12 Bornstein

* 13 Clark
* 14 Buddle
* 15 DeMerit
* 16 Torres
* 17 Altidore
* 18 Guzan
* 19 Edu
* 20 Findley
* 21 Goodson
* 22 Feilhaber
* 23 Hahnemann

Ghana squad

* 01 Agyei
* 02 Sarpei
* 03 Gyan
* 04 Pantsil
* 05 John Mensah
* 06 Annan
* 07 Inkoom
* 08 Jonathan Mensah
* 09 Boateng
* 10 Appiah
* 11 Muntari
* 12 Tagoe

* 13 Ayew
* 14 Amoah
* 15 Vorsah
* 16 Ahorlu
* 17 Ayew
* 18 Adiya
* 19 Addy
* 20 Owusu-Abeyie
* 21 Asamoah
* 22 Kingson
* 23 Boateng

Uruguay vs South Korea World Cup 2010 Top 16 Round 2

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South Korea vs Uruguay World Cup 2010 Top 16 Round 2 Match 26 June 2010
Place: Port Elizabeth

Date: Saturday, 26 June 2010

Time : 1500 BST

South Korea vs Uruguay Full Results Scorecard Here 

Uruguay 2:1 South Korea, Uruguay Reach Final Eight

Uruguay are expected to stick with the same line-up that beat Mexico 1-0 in their final group game. Coach Oscar Tabarez may be tempted to bring in defender Diego Godin in place of Mauricio Victorino, who is one booking away from suspension.

South Korea coach Huh Jung-moo could drop fullback Cha Du-ri, who was at fault for Nigeria's opening goal in their 2-2 draw, with Kim Dong-jin favourite to replace him.

One booking from suspension: Yeom Ki-hun, Lee Chung-yong, Kim Nam-il (South Korea); Victorino, Lugano, Fucile (Uruguay)

Full Teams Squad


* 01 Muslera
* 02 Lugano Captain
* 03 Godin
* 04 Fucile
* 16 Pereira
* 11 Pereira
* 15 Perez
* 17 Arevalo Rios
* 07 Cavani
* 09 Suarez
* 10 Forlan

South Korea

* 18 Jung Sung-Ryong
* 04 Cho Yong-Hyung
* 12 Lee Young-Pyo
* 14 Lee Jung-Soo
* 22 Cha Du-Ri
* 07 Park Ji-Sung Captain
* 08 Kim Jung-Woo
* 13 Kim Jae-Sung
* 16 Ki Sung-Yeung
* 17 Lee Chung-Yong
* 10 Park Chu-Young


* 12 Castillo,
* 23 Silva,
* 06 Victorino,
* 19 Scotti,
* 22 Caceres,
* 05 Gargano,
* 08 Eguren,
* 14 Lodeiro,
* 18 Gonzalez,
* 20 Alvaro Fernandez ,
* 13 Abreu,
* 21 Sebastian Fernandez


* 01 Lee Woon-Jae,
* 21 Kim Young-Kwang,
* 02 Oh Beom Seok,
* 03 Hyung-ll Kim,
* 15 Kim Dong-Jin,
* 23 Kang Min-Soo,
* 05 Kim Nam-Il,
* 06 Kim Bo-Kyung,
* 09 Ahn Jung-Hwan,
* 11 Lee Seung-Youl,
* 19 Yeom Ki-Hun,
* 20 Lee Dong-Gook

Wayne Rooney Girlfriend Coleen McLoughlin Photos

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Wayne Rooney Girlfriend Coleen McLoughlin Photos

Ronaldinho With Girlfriend Photos

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Ronaldinho With Girlfriend Photos

U.S.A - Ghana: American revenge

On Wednesday afternoon, America squad has achieved the goal, they set before the World Cup 2010: in the second round, but clearly they don’t satisfy. Like former President Bill Clinton, who hung aside all busy diplomatic errands to stay South Africa to support the home team, coach Bob Bradley and his players hope that they will overcome Ghana to be present in the quarterfinals.

Stars team and bars passed the first round with a pretty convincing achievement unbeaten and ranked on both England.
It is difficult to do good opportunities in South Africa in 2010 to the American team marked in history. With Italy and France were eliminated, England and Germany must solve together in 16 teams, smaller teams, like America, and Ghana, once passed the first round, there will be a great opportunity to move beyond. Winner of this match will just have to see the winning team in Uruguay-South Korean pair; a semi-final performance was on hand, adding a further motivation for both their best efforts.

However, at this time, representing North America is being appreciated more. Bradley's team has a collective spirit, the individual talent, confidence and morale of the team to overcome Africa's team remaining. The victory was also sweet revenge for the defeat four years ago in Germany. Ghana eleminated USA at the World Cup 2006, but Bradley's team failed that many players must now remember clearly, including Carlos Bocanegra, Donovan, Clint Dempsey and Steve Cherundolo. 4 names remaining from the 1-2 defeat in Nuremberg will also be the pillars of America in Royal Bakofeng pitch tonight.
On the side of Ghana, the hope of them put in Kevin Prince Boateng, has powerful midfielder and is featured in almost every round of the black stars. Dempsey, who kept the left wing of America, will have a difficult evening, though the Fulham midfielder has never back down before any competitors, as when he finished the game against Algeria with pouring blood, swelling injuries.

But of course, biggest hope of all American fans is still a hero indisputable Donovan, endless inspiration, the greatest talent of American soccer striker and always scored decision wins. Until this time the World Cup, can confirm that the LA Galaxy midfielder, not Lionel Messi, Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo or Wayne Rooney, have the greatest impact for your team. Foot ball to Donovan, and play the U.S. team glow. The plan can not simply attack with Bradley coach.

As for Ghana, they had no big star like four years ago, when Michael Essien is absent through injury, but also Boateng, representing the remainder of African football as a striker is hoping to send on these goals: Asamoah Gyan. 24-year-old striker did not really have a successful season with his Rennes club, but in Ghana shirt, Gyan is irreplaceable: the two goals he scored for his team in the first round and before that all three goals in a campaign of black stars to the CAN 2010 runner-up position. Ghana also has a big advantage when they are definitely the team that is received the support of South African fans after the home team was eliminated, and coach Milovan Rajevac’s coach is the last representative of the black continent .

Uruguay vs. South Korea: Asian Dream

Asia football is experiencing the happiest day of the battle the success of Korea and Japan in 2010 World Cup group stage. But the dream of the continent's most populous planet probably do not stop there, and South Korea is now brought to a noble mission, that beats Uruguay to advance in the quarterfinals ...

What Korea performed in the first round matches to show that they can afford to fight a fair way with any opponent to complete their goal. The second position in Group B, Greece and Nigeria are a commendable feat but the Kim Chi team does completely not satisfy with the past and will continue to strive to maintain Uruguay before Asian flag at the World Cup 2010.

Uruguay is a strong competitor with the players, high explosive of Forlan, Cavani and Luis Suarez. South Korea will have to play careful defense, can guarantee the safety of their goal. What South Korea learned from losing Argentina in the group stage, will certainly be applied in the next game. They must play a hard-headed way down to limit the excitement of the key side of Uruguay.

Although Uruguay is strong but not without weaknesses. Their defenses, like most other South American teams are playing quite naturally, and if the spearhead of South Korea attacks and knows how to wait and saves in their opportunities, the goal completely can occur. No one can blame the Koreans if they have to stop the game at this point.
But it is clear that Korea did not want this to occur, they are cherished ambition to go much further in the 2010 World Cup.

Carving "soul" Forlan of Uruguay, South Korea will go a long way towards success. Striker Atletico of Madrid not only know to score but also as inspiration in every attack of the South American club, so South Korea should have no special plans for Forlan to shine. Besides, it should promote the ability to utilize the maximum opportunity from the fixed situation to hope for finding joy.

Football in Asia is expected to add a fun and may Korea complete the mission to open the way? We will wait for the match, tonight.

Tears of Switzerland was eliminated

Owns many advantages, but suddenly Switzerland draws 0-0 Honduras and can not pass the first round. After the match, many Swiss players knocks down Free State pitch, tears appeared on teachers and coach Ottmar Hitzfeld’s face ...

Big surprise in the opening day beating Spain 1-0, Switzerland is considered interesting phenomenon in this award. However, the central European team unexpectedly lost Chile with the score 0-1. However, coach Ottmar Hitzfeld’s team will decide the fate if defeated Honduras in the last turn.

Posture in the first minute according to the Swiss’s intention, they created many chances but Gelson Fernandes, Eren Derdiyok, Blaise Nkufo can not finish successfully. To the second half, in turn Yakin, Frei was launched into the yard. Unfortunately, in a less charming evening, the Swiss could not breach a grid Noel Valladares.

Draw 0-0 before the opponent while Chile lost Spain 2-1, Switzerland pity ranked third with four points and was eliminated. The tears of regret were poured; the Swiss players did not believe what was happening. When the line between victory and defeat is very fragile, Swiss is unable to overcome the pressure too greatly.

Chile - Spain 1-2: Loser, the winner enjoy the same pleasure

More players and get advantages from two goals ahead early but before the courage of Chile, Spain also has been pretty hard to win 2-1. However, this result was enough for them to get his first Group H, avoid the right confrontation in Brazil within 1 / 8.

With a superior level compared to rivals, Spain is expected to have a match jubilantly before Chile; a team attack also plays beautifully. But just as victory over Honduras (2-0) as long as four days ago, Spain was still not found their true strength. Besides wasting many opportunities, ability to impose La Roja's gameplay is still pretty much the problem. If to maintain the current situation, in the knockout round encounter "neighbors" Portugal, teachers Del Bosque will certainly face many difficulties.

Immediately after the siren declaration, with the aim of finding winners, Spain filled up the yard enemy and creates a huge pressure. Consecutive minutes in the fourth and fifth, Torres alone finishes the second shot towards the goal of Bravo. Unfortunately, the ball went inaccurate. After the first minute forced the yard, Chile began to be a balance when there is the attack phase is relatively sharp. Snapshot of the ball of Sanchez forced Casillas to block out in 15 minutes, warning for Spanish defense.

With a game against the continuous and clinging game play, the Chilean players made the enemy very little space. This gradually made Spain No.1 no longer maintain pressure. But in a posture gradually showed signs of stalemate, Del Bosque's players have been scored from the opponent's mistakes. 25 minutes, in an effort to interfere with breaking, goalkeeper Bravo breaks inaccurately, Villa tentatively launches very fast shot from a distance about 40 angling on the left flank and the ball rolled into the net in the frame has become vacant.

The speed of the game was later pushed to very high goals that Spain has. Chile also showed that they are willing to play a double battle with the European champions with an attacking game is quite diverse and transient. Up to 33 minutes of the game, derived from a mix up fast ball, Beausejour mixed clicks then release the ball full of art. Fortunately, the timely intervention of Pique made the ball roll out.

Does not work with this phase, Chile met a great loss when only one minute, they have lost more player to get a goal just lost again. Starting from a fast phase and coordinate attacks with high accuracy between the three Torres - Iniesta, Villa, the ball has been put into the net after goalkeeper Bravo one's neat cushions of Iniesta. Immediately after this goal, the referee Rodriguez pulled the 2nd yellow card sent off playing for the defensive midfielder Estrada after a player has fouled without the ball with Torres.

Before the bad scenario could happen, Bielsa conducted two consecutive changes as soon as the second half, hit back with the duo Paredes and Millar in the yard. Immediately this adjustment was almost effective when Millar rekindles hope for Chile with a goal in a surprising 48 minutes. Is adjacent to the ball in the penalty opponent, Colo midfielder launched a shot put ball hit the foot of the Pique then went into the net before the inability of Casillas.

The excitement has gradually returned to Chile after this goal. Despite missing the game but the South American players proved marginally better competitors in terms of posture. This has also forced to make Del Bosque decide to change for Torres, players have played so fade in the previous period and bring Cesc Fabregas into the yard. With an extra midfielder, Spain back to 4-1-4-1 with key attack on the defense of David Villa.

In the presence of Fabregas and middle lines of the European champions would have to play better. Not only good controls of the game, Del Bosque’s team also continuously create opportunities for the goals of making Bravo have faltered. Without the competition phase of the suicide-style ball defenders, Chile may have lost the ball more after the phase space from,Villa sticks slot intelligently of the teammates.

These minutes later, defense of Chile still played pretty solid and difficult to attack Spain in the access to Bravo's goal. Despite controlling the game but the final phase strikes of La Roja always was driven out before the mental concentration of the defensive player of Chile.

No more goals recorded in the minutes remaining. Spain have won the competition to win 2-1 and top of Group H, while failure would not affect many opportunities of Chile because of the match at the same time, Honduras was the brave Swiss holding score 0-0 and force representative Europe to leave the game in regret.

Brazil - Portugal (0-0): Lacking of goals, extra fine card

The most goals in the round but Portugal could not penetrate the tight defense of Brazil.

Coach Dunga's statement "Portugal is only B team of Brazil" that seemed match both would play peacefully, holding hands in ring 1 / 8, became drastically out of expectation. Right from the first game, the defense of the Iberian Peninsula has been placed in full alert after a continuous braking phase of the Brazil strikers. Even in the 6th minute, defender Alves shot near the goalkeeper Eduardo.

However, instead of the glossy art phase characterized samba dancers, the two teams together again played with violent football rules without any mercy. 45 minutes integrity, the referee Archuadia Mexico who had to withdraw 7 yellow cards to punish two teams. After the unfortunate absence of Kaka, coach Dunga does not want to lose any more extra columns, should force him to withdraw Melo (replaced by Josue) to preserve forces for the home team in the next round.

Has defeated Brazil 2-0 in seven years ago but now, the gap in class is evident in the ability of Portugal players. During the 45 minute half-time, all specifications are necessarily inclined toward Brazil, with 63% of the time controlling the ball, made 12 shots threatened goalkeeper Eduardo, Portugal held the ball 37% and kicked six shots threatened goalkeeper Cesar.

Though called "Brazil of Europe" but clashing Brazil South American, coach Carlos Queiroz arranged the team inclined to defense, make the possibility of departure "as fast as the ostrich" by Ronaldo in the middle the rapid attack phase for the Portuguese. In the 49th and 59th minutes, almost Brazil has to led to bidding when Ronaldo received two passes to breakthrough, creates opportunities for teammates to finish. In this two-phase ball, Ronaldo stumble blockade of experienced central defender Lucio.

75 minutes, the captain Queiroz showed eyed when Duda instead of Simao. Simao implemented phase accelerated, then passed stretching in the middle for Ronaldo to finish but unfortunately the goal was not to be the best player in Portugal squad.

After this confrontation, surely coach Queiroz has found winger, creating the ability to move and hunt of the mischievous Ronaldo - players elected to play the best match.

To avoid confrontation Spain within 1 / 8, Portugal determined to rise to find goals but all efforts of Ronaldo and the team will not win the drag of Brazil defenders.
A goalless draw to Brazil to win his first Group G with Portugal goes forward in knock-out rounds.

Korea - Ivory Coast: Goodbye in honor

The mission of the “forest elephant” in the final fight indeed turned too heavy. Had to win many goals, not have right to self-determinate, the Ivory Coast players had to leave the game but in postural high head.

It can be said that fate had indeed been the "ill - treatment" representatives from Africa when both attended the most recent World Cup they fall into the board game called "death" and not once do they escaped from "death." In the summer in Germany four years ago, Ivory Coast was "dead" by two opponents too strong as Argentina and Netherlands, but they still keep to our mark in fans with a 3-2 victory before Serbia in turn the final fight.

In this World Cup, Ivory Coast to South Africa with the same determination to overcome fate. But again tournament board has not supported them when they met two rivals "bone" in the first two turns of the table, the result was that they only earn a point and can not determine the fate of their own. Despite only having a weak Korea opponent but competition with them is to beat Portugal to win 7-0. Drogba and the team have to win nine separate and waiting Portugal lost before Brazil. So they have the opportunity to go forward. It was a too narrow door and the "elephants" can not pass. Their rivals, Korea also entered the game with high determination, could expect to record any little mark in the biggest football festival on the planet. Therefore, scoring nine goals from Ivory Coast could not come true.

Entering the spirit of "all the front line," Ivory Coast has continued to open the attack toward the goal of Korea. Before the power of “forest elephants”, said Asian team has only defense cluster with the main objective to limit the number of goals conceded. Despite playing defense actively with the majority but Korean can not block all attacks are powerful nasal burning gas to seek a miracle by representatives from Africa, is the continuous phase shooting and scored only three small figures compared with team’s chances and Drogba missed. Ivory Coast players looked full of flaming fire attack in this match, not a few people felt sorry for them because if the match met Portugal in the first match, they dared to play with high spirit and courage , they may have not encountered situations "strict" as the present.

Perhaps before the big battle, Eriksson intended to draw Portugal and Brazil, won North Korea to get tickets in the next round. But this attempt is worth before defeat Brazil. Simultaneously, Portugal showed the power terribly before North Korea which destroyed all. Ivory Coast again can not beat fate and followed Algeria, Nigeria to leave from the first round. Sadness and frustration, but Drogba and the team can fully stood because they have shown their character and could not go forward because of losing only sub-index, if compared with the failures of France or Italy, Ivory Coast have pride and pride at what they have done!

Top 16 Schedule FIFA World Cup 2010

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Round of 16 FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule Time and TV Channels
June 26 10 AM -   Uruguay vs. South Korea    Port Elizabeth ESPN2
June 26 2:30 PM -   United States  vs. Ghana  Rustenburg ABC
June 27 10 AM -   Germany  vs. England  Bloemfontein ESPN
June 27 2:30 PM -   Argentina  vs. Mexico  Johannesburg (Soccer City) ABC
June 28 10 AM -   Netherlands  vs. Slovakia  Durban ESPN
June 28 2:30 PM -   Brazil  vs. Chile  Johannesburg (Ellis Park) ESPN
June 29 10 AM -   Paraguay  vs. Japan  Pretoria ESPN
June 29 2:30 PM -   Spain vs Portugal  Cape Town ESPN

Brazil vs Portugal World Cup 2010 - 25th June 2010 Scorecard Result Schedule

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Brazil vs Portugal World Cup 2010 Group G, 25 June 2010 Schedule Today
Todays All Matches are
Portugal vs Brazil and Ivory Coast vs North Korea in Group G, and Chile vs Spain and Switzerland vs Honduras in Group H.
Sorecard Results
Brazil vs Portugal o-o Draw,
Portugal joined Brazil in the Round of 16 as Group G runners-up after the teams played out a hard-fought, if at times ill-tempered goalless draw in Durban

Brazil vs Portugal Live Streaming

Free World Cup 2010 Live Streaming at

BBC TV schedule: BBC1 2.30pm, BBC HD 2.30pm

BBC Sport is going to broadcast the to all its UK viewers, for free.

ESPN 3 is the place where you can watch the matches if you are in the US. The sports channel will be streaming all 64 games of the world cup.

CBC Sports will beam all the 64 matches live in Canadian,

- The last time Portugal lost a match was actually against Brazil, when they were hammered 6-2 in November, 2008. In their 17 games since, they have won 12 and drawn five.

- They have kept 18 clean sheets in the 23 matches since Carlos Queiroz took charge and have conceded just two goals in their last 13 internationals.

- Portugal's 7-0 win over North Korea was their biggest-ever win at the World Cup and the seventh biggest in the tournament's history.


- Brazil's only defeat in their last 28 matches came against Bolivia at altitude in La Paz.

-Brazil have participated in all 18 previous World Cups, have won the most world titles (five), have won the most World Cup matches (66) and have scored the most World Cup goals (206).

- They have lost just one of their 32 World Cup first-round matches since 1966.

Full Team Squad

Portugal squad

* 01 Eduardo
* 02 Bruno Alves
* 03 Ferreira
* 04 Rolando
* 05 Duda
* 06 Carvalho
* 07 Ronaldo
* 08 Mendes
* 09 Liedson
* 10 Danny
* 11 Simao
* 12 Beto

* 13 Miguel
* 14 Veloso
* 15 Pepe
* 16 Raul Meireles
* 17 Ruben Amorim
* 18 Hugo Almeida
* 19 Tiago
* 20 Deco
* 21 Ricardo Costa
* 22 Fernandes
* 23 Fabio Coentrao

Brazil squad

* 01 Julio Cesar
* 02 Maicon
* 03 Lucio
* 04 Juan
* 05 Felipe Melo
* 06 Michel Bastos
* 07 Elano
* 08 Silva
* 09 Luis Fabiano
* 10 Kaka
* 11 Robinho
* 12 Gomes

* 13 Dani Alves
* 14 Luisao
* 15 Thiago Silva
* 16 Gilberto
* 17 Josue
* 18 Ramires
* 19 Julio Baptista
* 20 Kleberson
* 21 Nilmar
* 22 Doni
* 23 Grafite

Brazil - Portugal: Waiting for soccer party attack

Table game "death" is clear in the last round. Portugal was eliminated only when they lost Brazil 0-2 and Ivory Coast won 8-0 Korea - something unlikely.

So football between Brazil and Portugal are considered tonight's match between Brazil a bit of pragmatism and team "Brazil of Europe" with Portugal star attacked. Reuters forecast is "football party" for the fans worldwide.

Real Brazil seems fade. As newspapers and the former Brazil player names Socrates, Gerson before tournament is too hard with players and coach Dunga. The two battles show, the army never turned their backs Dunga "joga bonito" (beautiful football.)

Brazil's Dunga and lull the team tried to stretch the opponent with precise passing, I found a gap to 5-6 with players rushing up massively. "I've seen a champion, then, that Brazil" - coach Eriksson's team reviews the Ivory Coast.

Brazil is now full strength. Korea set to reach 6 months and the Ivory Coast forest elephants they also be subdued! But above all, Brazil is still Brazil's "Joga Bonito".

Portugal shoudn’t anticipate the victory before North Korea. In fact, the value of Portugal at the first 2 goals, 5 goals to the other when North Korea broke. If the North Korean game play as the military's death met the Brazilian, Portuguese is also difficult to find a goal and not speak well to the seven goals.

Ronaldo similes silly when he scored too easily on the net match and Korea. He did not expect his thirst clearing nearly 2 years without scoring for Portugal so easy.

In this battle, Brazil missing Kaka from suspension and injury Elano, Baptista and Dani Alves will be present. On Portugal, coach Queiroz will remain the team to play against Korea and committed to play attacking football. Portugal where they play attacking football easily to play Brazil made massive counter-attack and the effectiveness of them. Brazil last won 12/18 face Portugal, the most recent match them 6-2 down at the end of the Portuguese in 2008.

Korean - Ivory Coast: Saying goodbye to dreams

With Ivory Coast, on the theory they were still opportunities to go forward. But actually, it is not ideal for elephants. Differences -2 compared to +7 the competition at No. 2 Portugal. Only new wonders to help coach Eriksson’s team go in the next round .Obviously, the opportunity are still, the elephants will fight powerfully. The match against Korea will also be a chance for Ivory Coast little face in the eyes of fans. Brazil won 1-3 to make the image of Ivory Coast in this year's tournament was marred losing 0-3, the Ivory Coast players have showed a violent game, lacking fair-play. Next violent phase of African team is Elano had to leave the field, while Kaka received a red card injustice. The match with Korea as an opportunity to get back with beautiful pictures where fans of a team's top Africa. At that time, elephants can stand to leave the tournament.

With Drogba captain of Ivory Coast, this year's World Cup is almost the last major league appearances for his national team with Zokora, Toure brothers, Eboué .. this is the most talent generation of the Ivory Coast Football has produced. Talent but no grace in the tournament for the World Cup. 2 times, Drogba and the team must fall on the table too hard to fight. Drogba had almost full titles at club level but success remains elusive himself. World Cup this year, Drogba was shown the beautiful picture of a main elephant .The elephant had trauma before WC but Drogba is compressed pain to the ground. The ability to Ivory Coast is eliminated after the match with Korea and then the tears would fall. Poor Droba, poor the Ivory Coast a strong team but there is no grace in the big league.

In the first WC back after 44 years, Korea has been caught in a hard table.La visit Korea on the same table with three very strong teams of the world: Brazil, Portugal Nga. Ballot- paper made North Korea to play with the strongest team Brazil, Portugual, Ivory Coast. In the first match, North Korea only lost Brazil 1 – 2. However, the second match, gap in class was displayed. Fatal mistakes in the defenses caused disastrous Korea - Portugal 0-7. Second WC, Korea was not able to do that his generation did 44 years ago in Englan. The opportunity the next round finishes, against Ivory Coast meaning only procedures with players and coach Kim Jong-Hun. If winning in this match, Korea will have nice goodbye with WC. Despite crushing 0-7 defeat to Portugal before, but players and coach Kim Jong-Hun still receive faith and love of fans. Coach Kim Jong -Hun need to compete in an impressive final game with Ivory Coast to be able to honor their return home.

Both Korea and Ivory Coast came to South Africa with so many nice dreams. But in a table where Brazil and Portugal was playing too well, they have no chance to cause surprise. Next match, both teams will try to express themselves to nice farewell.

Echo Netherlands - Cameroon: Robben Inspiration

The victory of Netherlands which has nothing to tell if Robben didn’t appear again and immediately demonstrated why Netherlands stopped breath, waiting for his recovery.

As expected by experts, Dutch still played their dedication, has officially won the right to go forward. However “indomitable lions” Cameroon did not make embarrassed their nickname. Officially eliminated after the first two matches, but Eto'o and the team still played all efforts to search win before returning home.

Determined to touch the heart, it looks shape to encounter what seems to be a meaningless game. The two teams played quite burning, accept mistakes, and attack whenever the opportunity. Cameroon with speed and health tried to penetrate the Dutch defenders, while the orange storm remained loyal to coordinate small game, and sometimes are mixed from a few mutations create scoring. Opportunities have appeared widely, but while Cameroon is not enough space to turn into goals, then the Dutch side, Van Persie and Kuyt proved ungainly with Hamidou net.

Until the 36th minute Van Persie specify a new phase on the ball of the Netherlands organized into goals. That's what fans wait in Netherlands: coordinate accurately, ends neatly. Though Van Persie's goal is not necessarily a model of the dam-phase ball, release, stick slot, but if they promote this weapon, Dutch is absolutely right to expect good things than they have ever achieved World Cup this year.

The match then there is nothing remarkable, although Cameroon has been a goal, until Robben, the biggest inspiration of Dutch launched on 73 minutes. Robben is the best player was waiting wearing Netherlands, is the key of dreams, and indeed after only 10 minutes available in the courtyard, Robben proved why he is important for the Netherlands so with ball field facilities, beautifully shot to shake column Cameroon, creating easy opportunities for Huntelaar to play successfully.

Victory over Cameroon can not mean anything, but the shine back in time Robben's extremely important to fans of Netherlands. Van Marwijk's troops were considered too hard compared with the preliminary figure of fans, and Robben will be a matter of compromise between practical needs and definition of flying substances in the Netherlands.

Beat "tin soldiers" Denmark, Japan wins tickets persuasively

Denmark fully committed to the battle with the return of old midfielder Tomasson, in a match to compete tickets left at Royal Bafokeng yard Group E on Thursday, 24 June.

But the pair midfielder Yasuhito Endo, Keisuke Honda of East Asia team rose Japan to a sudden gap 2-0 with just 30 minutes of first half.

Both scored in minute 17 and 30 of the team were dark blue clothing items from the fixed situation from two fences kick.

Two-phase ball definitely reflect the ability level of players in Asia, with the first goal made from the left wing and the second kicked before face, neither for the team's goalkeeper Sorensen of a red shirt team has any chance.

Despite a few more opportunities, especially in the attack phase ball from the left wing, Denmark did not shorten the ratio and two teams take break with two separate goals inclined to Japan.

Only five minutes after the second half began, the Danish keeper, Sorensen nearly give donations for players of coach Takeshi Okada a goal, when he caught a ball non-stick from another direct phase on the right wing.

This time the ball struck the right column to turn out, but players in Japan's response shot extra but not exactly.

52 minutes, Denmark also have the opportunity to reduce the ratio from the situation of Tomasson opposite goalkeeper Kawashima but the ball pruning phase of him to be ejected by goalkeeper.

Denmark has so many defensive situations as loopholes in the 70th minute, they repeatedly to Endo, Honda and the team holds the ball comfortably as the left wing.

Midfielder Tomasson misses many opportunities to score goals; he mixes to grip the ball in the leg that can not finish before 5m50.

However, the opportunity shortens the ratio of the red team to just 10 minutes before the end of the match.

Tomasson lost twice to take down goalkeeper Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi on penalties. Ratio is 2-1, short for Denmark.

But the hope of the Nordic team does not last long, when substitute striker Okazaki with phase coordination in the penalty area with Honda, scored 3-1 to Japan.

This victory, Japan ranked second in Group E with six points, after Netherlands beat all 9 points. Cameroon, Denmark forced to break up with the World Cup.

Does not defeat, New Zealand stood to return home

Despite the 0-0 draw with Paraguay, but victory of Slovakia 3-2 before Italy had led New Zealand to stop 2010 World Cup in the posture of the high no matter what they did not lose any match.

Two draws with resilience and New Zealand have dreamed of a knock-out qualifying rate if the won results while waiting before Paraguay ratio unfavorable for Slovakia in a confrontation with Italy.

Again, in the game focused and full of courage, Oceania's representative has successfully defended his net and there was a 0-0 draw before Paraguay. Unfortunately victory "dynamic sky" of Slovakia 3-2 before Italy had led New Zealand to leave the game though does not lose a match in the first round.

Back to the main changes in the game, so Paraguay does not necessarily have to win, both Paraguay and New Zealand should enter the relatively slow. The disputes occurred mainly in the area between the midfield and not create a lot of pressure on the frame into another.

Until the 19th minute, fans on Peter Mokaba will be witnessing the first danger. Riverra definitely hit the ball to the defender Nelsen, Cañiza is present and timely shoots lightning, but the ball went bar.

After the first half, Paraguay gradually proved his strength with phase coordinated quite smoothly. Meanwhile, coach Ricki Herbert's team mainly uses scenarios for bubbles to attack.

30 minutes, Killen break down to the horizontal edge, then throws into the ring 16m50. But the ball is going over the deep and goalkeeper Villar promptly catches a ball before Smeltz plunges into the end.

Immediately in South America represents responses. 39 minutes, Elliott took the ball to the home side, Cardozo have the chance to launch shot full of power but narrowly went roof beams.

After the first 45 minutes and inconclusive information along with the temporary lead Slovakia 1-0 Italy, New Zealand forced to spate attack. But the ball along the edge of all kiwis easily caught.

Other side of the front line, to ensure productivity in a knock-out round, Paraguay will not hesitate to attack full of Rough. 61 minutes, Victor Caceres headed to force Paston fly to the block breaking. Then two consecutive decline results not overcome by New Zealand defenders.

Not be satisfied with the attack of the players, coach Gerardo Martin decided to launch two strikers to increase the pressure and almost immediately they have made the New Zealand goal stagger.

76 minutes, after cleverly hidden movements, Barrios shoots near Paston’s goal, Paston pushes the ball into all the talents, Benitez immediately plunges into shot but defender Winston Reid promptly prevents rolling back on the break.

The last second half, while New Zealand has concentrated clusters to fend the ball way up dangerous enemy, the less fortunate in the evening, Paraguay could not find the ball into the net of goalkeeper Paston.

Draw 0-0, Paraguay is officially in knock-out round as teams by F. Unfortunately for the "phenomenon" of New Zealand, despite great effort and get a draw in all three group stage matches, they were only ranked third position after Paraguay and Slovakia.

Italy uncrowned after heavy defeat

Last effort is not enough to save coach Lippi’s players to escape from failure before Slovakia. 2-3 defeat, Italy becomes former “World Champions”. It is the first time after 36 years lost in the first round.

Lost 2-3, Italy was eliminated. After France, the runners world in 2006, Italy became the second largest team soon be removed from South Africa, followed Europe’s neighbor to return home. The pictures of a "cerulean Troops" magnanimous familiar also tarnish their own, because this is the first time since 1974, Italy have seen their World Cup dream was strangled when the game still not move into the second period.

Defender Cannavaro continues to get errors and almost Italy must pay 7 minutes. Pair defender Chiellini – Cannavaro almost lost as Vittek played header into the penalty area to midfielder Hamsik of Napoli club to finish comfortably. If he shot more precisely, maybe, Italy did not have to wait 25 minutes last conceded. In midfield, Gattuso was expected to strengthen the fight and did not complete the task. The highlight of this cruel player throughout the first half is played ball maliciously (but close enough to escape punishment card) in the knee Strba in 43 minutes. The ball phase of Italy lacked of inaccuracy in the final pass.

Meanwhile, all four personnel changes in Slovkia side compared to defeat Paraguay - Zabavnik, Kucka, Stoch, main players replaceed Jendrisek Weiss, Kozak, Salata, Sestak - are effective. Vladimir Weiss Sr. decided to choose 4-2-3-1 scheme. The initiative in terms of posture and the pressure they create inside the yard as Italy and the results are specific goals and score at minute 25. After a phase of braking into Slovakia, De Rossi to hurry and pass the ball to the foot accidentally Kucka. Immediately the ball pushed to Vittek to escape down, and then finish from the edge of the penalty area into far corners, which Marchetti can not reach. Again, the pair Chiellini - Cannavaro is not present in time to intervene.

Persistence also brings Italy to score in 81-minute. After Quagliarella definitely shot stretch, Mucha can not snap the ball, Di Natale has been present in time, definitely the empty net. Be encouraged by this to equalize, as Italy continued to attack as the storm to search the second goal. They were happy in a 85-minute in a short time when Quagliarella quickly kicked to grid Mucha. But the border referee rose flag to notice that Italy striker had fallen into the offside after receiving a pass from the left of Di Natale. However, hopes were kindled for Italy again they were put out by the poor of the defense. 89 minutes, the phase coordinate threw the border, substitute players side Slovakia, Kopunek whisked, then face down Marchetti, bringing the score to 3-1 in the eyes of helpless defenders of cerulean team.

Although having a more goal from the ball beautifully Quagliarella and then make opponent quit with a heart of grace mixed Pepe during extra time, Italy's effort was just instilled in them as well as the tifosi pain and regret.

Japan will go forward if Japan vs Denmark have a draw

Having an advantage over competitors because of more goals than Japan, Japan will dispose his fate if they will not lose against Denmark tonight.

After a victory and one defeat, Japan has 3 points with the goal difference. Also there are three points after two matches but turns Denmark ranks below the East Asia team for goal difference -1. As a rule, if two teams have the same sub-index score, the first to be considered is the effect of goal difference. So Japan just needs draw in the fight tonight, while Denmark has to win at all costs. In this Group, Dutch occupied a ticket to go in the next round.

With a tight defensive game, Japan has played successfully before Netherlands - one team attacks varied gameplay and more players have the ability to create mutations. Coach Okada's team only loses after Sneijder played too well while the goalkeeper Kawashima played too badly. Japan's goalkeeper took the ball in the right direction but can not control the orbit and bounce the ball into the net. Thanks to defeat close ration with the most powerful teams Japan accounted advantage for sub-index.

Coach Takashi Okada has shown the hallmark of his tactics. Before representing from Africa, Japanese players clanged fiercely to promote forte in favor of physical play. With Holland, Okada directed his team to play defense phase according the region, the middle route played tightly and forced the opponent to use the bubbles. This tactics has enabled Japan to limit to the explosion of Sneijder, the player act as the lead play "The orange Tornado."

Before tonight Denmark, Okada certainly researches on play's Nordic team. Denmark's main forte is the bubble from 2 sides of the wing to make use of the capability of the midfielder Bendtner. Want to overcome this gameplay, Japan need to lock down the detonators from the two wing sides of the opponent.

Won 2-1 before Cameroon, the Danish players showed a lot of changes in terms of team play when they hit the middle area more organized than using game stretch of the border. With the possibility of holding the ball well and Rommerdahl and Jorgensen, coach Morten Olsen's team has created many mutations with this game.

Japan will certainly use defense plans to counterattack so Denmark will continue to use the middle coordinate phase ball with a traditional long ball. Only when the diversity is the ability to attack, the Nordic team can hope to attack the concrete goal of previous goalkeeper Kawashima.

In this game, Japan does not suffer from players, coach Okada should completely use frame in a match with the Netherlands to host Denmark. Meanwhile, the suspension of Simon Kjaer, Coach Olsen will be used to replace Kroldrup. With many years experience in the main match, midfielder Fiorentina could completely fill the gaps that Kjaer left.

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