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Uruguay vs. South Korea: Asian Dream

Asia football is experiencing the happiest day of the battle the success of Korea and Japan in 2010 World Cup group stage. But the dream of the continent's most populous planet probably do not stop there, and South Korea is now brought to a noble mission, that beats Uruguay to advance in the quarterfinals ...

What Korea performed in the first round matches to show that they can afford to fight a fair way with any opponent to complete their goal. The second position in Group B, Greece and Nigeria are a commendable feat but the Kim Chi team does completely not satisfy with the past and will continue to strive to maintain Uruguay before Asian flag at the World Cup 2010.

Uruguay is a strong competitor with the players, high explosive of Forlan, Cavani and Luis Suarez. South Korea will have to play careful defense, can guarantee the safety of their goal. What South Korea learned from losing Argentina in the group stage, will certainly be applied in the next game. They must play a hard-headed way down to limit the excitement of the key side of Uruguay.

Although Uruguay is strong but not without weaknesses. Their defenses, like most other South American teams are playing quite naturally, and if the spearhead of South Korea attacks and knows how to wait and saves in their opportunities, the goal completely can occur. No one can blame the Koreans if they have to stop the game at this point.
But it is clear that Korea did not want this to occur, they are cherished ambition to go much further in the 2010 World Cup.

Carving "soul" Forlan of Uruguay, South Korea will go a long way towards success. Striker Atletico of Madrid not only know to score but also as inspiration in every attack of the South American club, so South Korea should have no special plans for Forlan to shine. Besides, it should promote the ability to utilize the maximum opportunity from the fixed situation to hope for finding joy.

Football in Asia is expected to add a fun and may Korea complete the mission to open the way? We will wait for the match, tonight.


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