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Japan became disillusioned in the quarter-finals after series "gun battle"

The valiant competition and full of efforts, Japan held Paraguay throughout the 120 minutes. The result forced the match to 0-0 with the delimitation of 11m penalties and Japan who are less fortunate ...

Thus, Japan was unable to maintain the presence of Asian 2010 World Cup quarter-finals after South Korea had to stop before a competitor was different from South America - Uruguay. However, the efforts of the Rising Sun country team was commendable as they competed fairly Paraguay during 120 minutes and lost against in the series "gun battle" is full of chance.

With the caution of both teams, game speed was only average. Both Japan and Paraguay indicated that priority to ensure certainty in the home yard should not have many dangerous brake situations. Major routes where the fiercest dispute, with the dominating part of Paraguay.

South American teams have more ball controlling rate compared with Japan and the first significant chance of the match belonged to Paraguay. 21 minutes, Barrios have cleverly mixed in the penalty area to get rid of the pair of defenders Japan and the opportunity to face goalkeeper Kawashima. However, the definite phase of Barrios was not too dangerous and Kawashima prevented from his leg.

Just then a minute, Japan has responded with determination shot of Matsui outside the penalty area. Goalkeeper Villar almost beaten but the ball found South America’s goal.

The initiative continues to belong to Paraguay, while Japan remained loyal to the defensive counter attack. 29 minutes, from corner kick situations, the location of Santa Cruz was rather convenient but Manchester City striker again definitely derailed Japan’s goal.

Side Japan, Honda still played very aggressively and prominently in the highest position on defence. Support for him was Matsui and Okubo filled aggressively in the right wing, with the speedy ball phases.

Into the second half, the game still nothing changes compared to the first 45 minutes. Paraguay team held the initiative; Japan was also trying to protect their goal and enlisted the counterattack phase. 53 minutes, the insurgent phase to support attacks, defenders had a chance to finish Nagamoto but even the ball patted a player of Paraguay redirected, goalkeeper Villar still owned the situation.

With the game balanced and cautious of both teams, the opportunities were more dangerous in front of the Japanese’s goal as well as Paraguay. 0-0 ratio was maintained until the end of 90 minutes and two official teams forced into extra time half.

Two teams accelerated speed when stepping the extra time half because no teams wanted the game to finish by penalty series. 97 minutes, Valdez had a phase to be very technical to escape down but the goalkeeper Kawashima run very fast and limited narrow angle shot of the Paraguay striker side Japan. Japan responded by going kick the ball into the sinking of the Honda, forcing the goalkeeper Villar to punch the ball out.

However, after 30 minutes of extra time half, Japan and Paraguay were not able to find each other's net and the match was decided by the series "gun battle". While the Paraguay players made all five successful penalty then the Japanese side, Komano beating shot outside the bar, making the team 3-5 defeat sunrise and must give power to the quarterfinals for Paraguay.

This is the first time in Paraguay is in the quarterfinals of a World Cup, while Japan defeated but teachers Takeshi Okada can still head high left South Africa, where they have a successful tournament .


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