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Germany - Serbia: "Tank" goes straight?

After the Battle of the military victory, coach Loew and players have been very good spirits before the first turn 2 matches against Serbia on Wednesday. It seems "the German tanks" are running well and will continue straight at the World Cup this year.

"The Double" Klose and Lukas Poldolski will continue to help "increase the German chariot" straight World Cup this year?

Looking back at the match with Australia, people always think Germany will win but the gap to four goals, no one thinks it will happen. Coach Loew ‘s team has performed a kind of attacking football diverse and beautiful metamorphosis. Superiority to attack and control the game helped the German team has been winning the first impression "Kangaroo" in Australia.

Before the 2010 World Cup takes place, "that German tanks" had been shaken several parts because of the storm injury. Deaths pillars, bandmaster Michael Ballack, many people fear that the German team still will not power on South African soil any longer, this summer.

And yet in the first match, the fans were seen as contrary to kick out of Lukas Podolski goal keeper Schwarzer or finish Phase of the "no war" by Klose.

Besides the wall but turned mixed secondary highway coordination of the German team has shown the material smoothly, very good team spirit. Thomas Muller had scored after the attack results reveal beautiful medium. This has shown the ability to definitely "cool" by the coach Loew and his players.

German World Cup team in 2010 has kept attacking play fast, full time capacity as coach Klinsmann at the 2006 World Cup held on its soil. Goals to improve the ratio of young players from Cacau up situations quickly and the ball just a split armpit pass coverage fails, the ball has to help the player with Cacau "down" Mark Schwarzer easily.

Up fast ball speed from two minutes and then suddenly hits straight into the middle road is the strength of the players in Germany. Though not spectacular attacks like breaking World Cup Germany 2006 squad but still proved to be very strong in attack, "the first" opponent.

4-0 win over the German team has helped power the word "Kangaroo" in Australia. The coach Pim Verbeek has broken down mentally and soon to be conceding two goals in the first half play. Meanwhile, the German team was comfortable with psychological development policy fully effective stone attack.

In the match against Serbia today, coach Loew is likely to use the team the same as the first match against Australia on the day before. No signs of instability in any person's use of coach Loew. "There are tanks," Germany will still play with a 4-4-2 tactical scheme for "duo" Lukas Podolski - Klose on public goods. Routes between the German team with the presence of Schweinsteiger, Muller, Ozil, Khedira are showing stability in the game play and the ability to hold a good rhythm game.

Also, with the support of the winger as captain Lahm, Badstuber the German team has always been the diversity with the round ball over from two minutes. Mertesacker and Friedrich midfield pair is still very solid play to protect the goal with goalkeeper Neuer before any attacks from rivals.

Inside the Serbian national team, after poor performances and losing to Ghana 0-1 score, coach Radomir Antic troops are facing many difficulties facing the German team are heroes in the burning gas turns 2 Results in Table B.

Without a change in the game today, so Serbia could face defeat No. 2 and the ability to leave the game early in the World Cup this year is very high. Serbia is not a weak team and evidence that they have overcome many other teams to win tickets to South Africa, this summer.

Ghana defeat retrospect can be seen the Serbia players who haven’t been varied game play yet. Apart from mixing up the ball two minutes and then thrown into the penalty scholarships for Serbian striker headed it had no preference for any other attacks. If you are still using this tactic, Serbia will not do anything before the German team owns two capital defender Mertesacker and Friedrich scholarship to play well.

Never met each other in the World Cup, the host probably between Germany and Serbia will bring many interesting things. Does "tank engine" Germany can continue straight when "crushing" of Serbia as they once did battle with Australia in the first turn?

Probable teams:

Germany: Neuer, Lahm, Mertesacker, Friedrich, Badstuber; Schweinsteiger, Khedira; Mueller, Ozil, Podolski, Klose

Serbia: Stojkovic, Ivanovic, Vidic, Subotic, Kolarov; Krasic, Stankovic, Kuzmanovic, Jovanovic, Zigic, Lazovic


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