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Argentina - South Korea 4-1: Argentina is the new No. 1 candidate

Before the Argentina team stronger overall, from humans, experience competition, Korea has active defense to slow the game, but they did not play defense that negative-defensive counterattack but really have the intention. But everything had collapsed from the gas phase of net striker Park Chu-Young in the 16th minute of the match, when Argentina is still struggling to make inroads into the opposing goal.

It seems Koreans have had a bad coordination clearly after the goal. 33 minutes, from a fixed situation, Gonzalo Higuain header to increase the score 2-0.

And it is time people see an Asian face, pushed the Korean team, gradually trying to put pressure on the opponent's defense. Lee Chung-Yong made the flame of hope fans club "Red Devils of Asia" when mistakes punish Argentina midfielder like the way his teammates, Park Ji-Sung has done before. Just half a minute of injury time, the ratio was shortened the game down 1-2 after the ball was shot through the hands of Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Romero.

The second haft is expected by more than what South Korea has shown in the first half play "was considered too." However, elements of team spirit that was only rated as weaker in the high value that matches the distance between two professional teams are not too large.

The match between South Korea and Argentina do not. With a world star and not just a world class like Lionel Messi or Carlos Tevez, Argentina calmly waiting to welcome the "hung up" by Kim Chi Origin team.

Of course, the first opportunity to put the match back to the starting line, the players can not defend South Korea ... only to lose little. They work up to reveal the fatal flaw. With superstars like Messi, there is the opportunity. He continued to create dangerous situations that goalkeeper Jung Sung-Ryong hard to resist.

What had to come to, after column of pop decline phase Messi, Gonzalo Higuain have the opportunity to cushion the ball into the empty net to be easier to raise the score to 3-1 in 76 minutes.
And the guy seems red is lost favor striker at the club Real Mandrid not ending when 80 minutes of the match, after passing phase of Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain welcome shade in the situation were not hit coaching input the net increase of up 4-1. This is also the goal took him to the list of players the first hat-trick of World Cup and won the title always the best players play.

South Korea lost suitably but their game play has received interest from many people. Particularly with Argentina, they show for the whole world that they are number one candidates of the World Cup this time is not Spain "weakness."


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