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Battle Spain - Portugal, tomorrow: the light night of thousand stars

Along with confrontation England - Germanybetween neighbors on the Iberian Peninsula is also considered one of the most worth watching match of first round knock-out between the brightest star ranked current world ...

It took the land?

Since the beginning of round knock-out, every body can expect a confrontation between Spain and Portugal, the representative for the beautiful gameplay of the old continent will give audiences sumptuous banquet goals. But the Iberian Peninsula has been rocked by the continuous bombardment phase?

When stepping into the knockout stage game, where people will not get a chance to rectify any mistakes and must be paid in the most expensive. The fact that since Queiroz was a coach, the Portuguese gradually abandoned images "Brazil of Europe" to reach a more solid game, no coincidence that starting the prize up to now, Eduardo still have not once picked up the ball into the net. Betel shirt team possessed an excellent defensive (conceding 3 / 19 closest match) and the goal was the first priority to be set in the approach in the Portugal match.

Look to the neighbors, painful defeat on the day against the Swiss made Del Bosque embarrassed, although he still affirmed the confidence in tiqui-TACA. Their coordination ability is still very beautiful but has not been effectively maintained by a variety of reasons, the enemy captured for poor ability of finishing phase ... Only the winner will be mentioned, but not so in the second match later was no longer Flamengo dance images instead of efficiency and safety.

Waiting bright Stars

With the current situation plus the stress of an oppressive attempt to fight, people are waiting for the stars to shine. Can be a decisive shot, a random ball, a arty trim line or simply a phase makes foot ball change direction, even as a goal "turtle" ... Essentially, blood artist has instilled in each of the Iberian people, because they can win when feelings arise, nothing to prevent their feet dancing. So stars can decide this battle.


After valid solution goals against Korea, those who love the magic of No.9 legs, he will continue to expect intense explosion on South Africa ground. Spanish players probably understand the Ronaldo’s strengths and weaknesses so striker of Real need to take full advantage of the phase kick- Tomahawk when having the chance.


Villa is still shooting loony but in big matches, El Nino always has a voice to decide. Barrels of gunpowder was hidden for a long time and know where the heat from the war that will cause it to explode. Liverpool striker's class is undeniable, and perhaps he becomes familiar with the ball Jabulani, the goal will not be far from Torres.

Raul Meireles

The midfielder had tattooed arms are reaching high style, not only in defense certainly, but also continuously create unexpected punch from the two lines. A phase penetrated in the penalty area and finished of the player caps for Porto, could bring advantages for Portugal.


Together with Villa, Barcelona midfielder is second best player in the composition of La Seleccion. Importance of Iniesta showed too well as soon as he recovered from injuries, Del Bosque has given "Saint Andres" in the official team list. Not only creating directly Iniesta but also helping the home team to win.


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