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Nigeria - South Korea: Faith and hope

Department of the table B is becoming very difficult to measure because in theory all 4 teams have a chance to play the next round. But actually there with six points, Argentina is most probable; a remaining share will be an opportunity for all three teams are left.

In the current situation, both South Korea and Nigeria will go forward if they win this match and Greek can not win over Argentina. With representatives from Africa, the conditions of their "strict" than the dark to win South Korea (2 goals or more) and Greece was defeated by the dancers tango, "super blue eagle" has no grasp in the hands of self-determination, but once is still hope, they surely will never give up.

Nigeria was the most representative of the black continent in the World Cup arena, but currently they are actually just a disappointment no more no less. On the strength and reputation, Nigeria can not afraid of being with other representatives such as Ghana or Ivory Coast, now. On the way, they play and people showed no difference, even in this match also being evaluated as Nigeria team "under the projection." Visibility increases in two recent is the immaturity in terms of experience. Nigeria continually gets errors in defense for the striker in the tango country to fly back, if fortunate, Argentina had a strong win. To match against Greece, a rival Nigeria totally win if playing more wisely and more focused, but they still showed their "childish" How the red card and has gotten himself lost. Physical strength nor the players develop Nigeria thoroughly. They have not shown possible pieces that can penetrate the opponent's net. The match with South Korea will be the last chance to coach Lars Lagerback’s team to express themselves while maintaining a fragile hope that the miracle will happen.

Although Korean vs Argentian 1-4 but still showed his qualities, especially in fighting spirit and pride of East Asia characterized. The main factors have helped them gain confident strength, fair play is not tolerated any previous opponent, whether the former King of Europe, Greece or the powerful representatives of South America, Argentina. Certainly well against Nigeria is no exception. South Korea will be even more determined because they have a great opportunity to team shirt with blue stripes - white go into the ring and Greek if Nigeria wins first loss of the tango dancers even a draw is enough to help them win the first two tickets if the team won Argentina the country of the gods.
Determined with high confidence in the outcome is a post-match will cause the pair became attractive couple fighting and worth waiting for the game in the final Group B respectively.


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