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Defeating Mexico, Argentina is ready for battle with Germany

Shows a convincing style, Argentina beats Mexico 3-1 and Tevez recorded the mark with a brace. Coach Maradona’s team was clear in the quarterfinals and reunited Germany, the chance for Argentina to reclaim the debt, borrowed four years ago.

Despite the impressive play in the first round but the fans still doubt about the true strength of coach Maradona’s team. Anxiety has entire basics because Mexico is playing better teams in the game thanks to superior strength foundation somewhat Argentina is confusing.

However, with the Argentina star class knows how to make a difference. Tevez put Argentina ahead with the header correctly. Then, Higuain punish mistakes of defenses and eventually Mexico, Tevez ended any hope of the Gold Cup champions in phase “cannons fired perfectly”.

Javi Hernandez scored the only meaning of honor for the coach Aguirre’s team. Lost 1-3, Mexico once again embrace anger before Argentina, they cannot pass the opportunity over 1 / 8 (except for two World Cups were held in their home). Now with the Los Albiceleste, they determined to reclaim the debt when reunited "German tanks" in the quarterfinals.

Coach Maradona still uses the familiar three-Higuain Messi-Tevez on attack. In addition, to prevent the technical capabilities of the enemy, Aguirre layouts of three muscles Torrado, Juarez and Bautista in the middle area. Franco and the absence of Vela, all hope on attack placed for Giovanni.

Mexico entered the match filled with excitement. 7 minutes, Salcido hit shot fired from a distance of 25 m to find the ball into the crossbar. Then turn Guardado left leg technically, stroked the ball, goalkeeper Romero watched the ball but it spanned outside.

Before Mexico played a complete discipline and approach, Argentina faced many difficulties in implementing the attack. Messi has always been two, three players around the opponent and when necessary, the defenders Mexico did not hesitate to foul to stop star playing for the Barcelona.

However, Messi still expressed mischievous in the processing phase when in minute 28, El Pulga sticked slot for Tevez played down forcing goalkeeper Perez prevented to break out. In the situation, Messi quicky hit the ball for Tevez to play header and connecting gently into the space golf, score 1-0 for Argentina.

In the context of impasse play, Mexico defense phase has again silly mistakes. 32 minutes, Osorio passed errors to Higuain and he robbed. In addition, just in a pace of management, he passed ball through Perez buffered into the net, double the gap up to 2-0 for Argentina.

There was nothing left to lose, Mexico was forced to push high team, Salcido shot from outside the penalty area forced Romero to fly to save. Argentina always proved dangerous to small phase coordination in the central area and Messi made goalkeeper Perez again difficult to definitively dangerous phase in 35 minutes.

Mexico continued to increase pressure but they lacked precision in the final processing phase. The first half ends with a big advantage of Argentina, despite the reaction of teachers and coach Aguirre on a goal by Tevez. To the second half, coach Aguirre decided to launch Barrera instead of Bautista strengthen on the attack.

These adjustments helped Mexico played reasonably coherent and control of midfield. However, Argentina has always had the stars that shine at the right time. 51 minutes after phase coordinate with Messi, Tevez launching cannon shot from outside the penalty area, the ball went straight into the corner far, Perez has no opportunity to drag out. 3-0, things have become too easy for Argentina.

There was nothing left to lose, Mexico focus on full force attack, but they often reveal mistakes on the attack that if Tevez or Messi were more sensitive, Perez goalkeeper continued picking the ball. Then, Barrera then Guardado and Salcido consecutively finished but goalkeeper Romero were easily disabled.

Maradona decided to leave out Tevez to replace Véron, create conditions for higher Messi play. Mexico is full of resilience and to play 68 minutes, from the left flank Bypass, Barrera finished full of dangerous but definitely failed.

The efforts of the team "Three colors" finally paid off in minute 70, Javi Hernandez past two defenders and finished assertively; shortened the score down to 1-3 for Mexico. Army coach Aguirre was doing everything to raise their hopes on an upstream swim.

Regarding the game, Argentina played slowly but they still held the counterattack line clearl. 90 minutes, Messi past the ball two defenders to Mexico, then definitely finished art but goalkeeper Perez who was flying to save. Messi missed opportunity "to fire" at the World Cup, but the result 3-1 tilt on Maradona led Argentina to feel fully satisfied.

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Germany will meet Argentina in the quarter-finals...

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