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Overcoming Honduras, Spain regained spirit

Spain gently phases through Honduras by David Villa shines to partially regain their confidence on the path of conquering 2010 World Cup dreams. With this result, things are back in control of the country club from Gaur.

Spain was very determined when entering the game against Honduras to be able to lead a victory away to dispel the gloomy days after defeat against Switzerland. The main thing that made them soon pushed the team and put pressure on the strong team CONCACAF region.

Defensive players of Honduras do not have the tight space and certain as the Swiss, therefore, they should spearhead attacks in Spain to easily implement and coordinate development of their intentions. A series of dangerous situations are created, especially in situations of breaking away the ball from David Villa in the left side of middle road.
In a situation like that, David Villa to block the ball before the breaking of three defenders before launching Honduras single coverage fails to finish high angle to score for Spain in the 18th minute of the match. This goal makes psychological stiffness of the European champions and they play more flowery. The mix is very diverse and coordinate implementation with high intensity that many people think that the goals will continue to ease.

However, not until 51 minutes, Spain could double the gap. Villa again the hero role again at the end situation of the Spanish counter-attack with a perfect shot with a very strong force. Villa showed the ability to blink his opportunity and is very good cure for Spain where the range of good opportunities that Torres, Xavi and Ramos wasted.

Spain continued to account for the initiative but the whole time they can not get more goals. Even Villa in front from a penalty chance after Navas was cut down in the penalty area; the striker has moved to play for Barcelona did not get success to complete hat-trick for him. The match ended with a final score was 2-0 and Spain was able to temporarily secure with their position when they were holding weekly self-determination before the last game.


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