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Paraguay - New Zealand: Say good bye Kiwi?

New Zealand suddenly hold world champions Italy in a few matches on the face makes the invisible central Group F become very complex. Opportunity to go forward is shared among all four teams and things can only turn down after the final game.

New Zealand feels no longer strange with the World Cup as Espana'82 time, when they all lost and conceded 12 goals. Oceania representative plays much more closely now. The proof is that the world champions Italy were made to worry. Even if they are lucky, the All Whites can have a victory over cerulean team, not a draw.

They play more; New Zealand shows that they can set up a defensive posture really solid. Not just midfield captain Nelsen led defense phase tightly, the midfielders also focus on defense from distance. Playing against the entrance, not create for the opponent gap of New Zealand has discouraged Italia, without their star attacking.

With 2 points in hand, New Zealand is ranked third in Group F, with points for Italy. They have no reason not dare dream to win the tickets to go forward. To achieve that goal, coach Ricki Herbert's team has only one path: Paraguay beat in this match. In fact, New Zealand can still go forward even if draw with Paraguay. In this case, Italy draws Slovakia. Furthermore, Italy has scored fewer goals than New Zealand.

Mission seems easy that it turned out extremely difficult for coach Herbert‘s team. Because Paraguay is leading the Group with four points in hand, but they also doubt to go forward. Therefore, they certainly will stretch up with the Oceania representative. Paraguay bravery of how Herbert would have been well studied. If not strong, they can not equalize with Italy in the first match, and then put Slovakia buried two goals are not removed.

According to coach Gerardo Martino has claimed, Paraguay will remain with the squad to play three strikers, including Valdez, and Santa Cruz Barrios. Of these, Santa Cruz will be the highest player. With this arrangement, the ambition of the South American team is too clear. Paraguay wants to strike and win full three points before New Zealand occupy the top of Group F in order to avoid the possibility of confrontation with Dutch (may be top of Group E).

Historically, the two teams clashed just once in 1995 with a victory inclined to Paraguay 3-2. If they win the match tonight, New Zealand not only wins but also tickets to go in the next round to repay old debts. Kiwi still hopes to go further, especially while they're just excited to be holding Italy. But it should be emphasized that Paraguay played very good defense, has not yet conceded a goal at the 2010 World Cup finals.

Soccer Jerseys said...
4:09 am  

Definitely its appreciating thing that Kiwi's beat a strong Italy this performance show that they have struggled hard for this event.

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