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Brazil - Chile, hardly unexpected the same as “grasshopper kick elephant'

With the superior class unless big surprise, coach Dunga’s team give Chile the ticket to go forward in the second round today. According to the division, if through 16 teams, Brazil and Netherlands will make an attractive bout screen in the quarterfinals. Of course, the unexpected can always come up at any time until now the World Cup 2010 also saw many giants have embraced hatred for the small and medium sized team. But look at the correlation of forces, high style, class and experience; also play a similar style pair of "grasshopper kick elephant" Slovakia - Netherlands, ability of Chile can make a big coup before Brazil to win tickets to the quarterfinals is not high.

Although much progress and ranked second in South American qualifying, behind Brazil with a point each less, Chile clearly reveal the limitations of a mid-level team to compete in World Cup finals. That poor ability to concentrate and play attacking a spiritual nature. Before the Swiss equalize and less than Honduras, Chile is still enough to win. But when met Spain at older and higher level, the restricti made coach Bielsa’s team lose 1-2, even commented on the game, they played not too badly compared to the European champions.

Unfortunately for Chile, Group H second position force them to knockout match with Brazil, a similar quality opponent like Spain and even more highly in terms of monsters and skill and spirit combined. These are qualities that they clearly reveal the three matches in Group G - fighting death in 2010 World Cup. Not too spectacular, but still gently Brazil beat North Korea and Ivory Coast in the first two turns to win tickets to go before the game and win a leisurely end with one point against Portugal (0-0 ) to win the top of Group.

Chile must squeeze every effort to match with Spain and lost three pillars because of penalty card in the match, including Estrada defensive midfielder and central defender pair Ponce - Medel. The absence of this trio as that quality in Chile's defense system declines, especially two reserve players replace Contreras - Fuentes superior of inferior quality. This is probably the biggest worries of coach Bielsa when dealing with these stars have high speed, good technique and sly of opponent, today.

In contrast, Brazil is achieving a perfect state of both physics and psychology and force. At the end of group stage matches with Portugal coach Dunga took off for Robinho, Elano on a reserve chair, Melo, shall be taken a rest early from the end of half time. Brazil posture sure that that day will also help build the pillars left, not lose too much energy. Meet Chile today, they also welcome the return of Kaka, orchard to sit out because of penalty cards in previous matches. With a 28-year-old midfielder, Brazil will far more dangerous when back familiar 4-2-3-1 system and defense fast counterattack play that Dunga constructed for students during 4 years.

Besides the advantage of class, style of the current force, Brazil is also backed by elements from history. They recently lost Chile, took place 10 years ago at the 2002 World Cup qualifier. But after the 0-3 defeat in 2000, Brazil beat Chile to eight times and only one draw in the next nine encounters. If only seven times in the most recent meeting, Brazil won all seven, up to 26 goals against South American neighbors and conceded only 3 times.

In the World Cup play, Brazil is also victorious in both Chile clashes in the finals; it was the 4-1 win in round 16 teams in 1998 and 4-2 in the semifinals in 1962 when Chile is host country. Also in the 2010 World Cup qualifier recently, Brazil also forced the pathetic opponent in both views: Chile 3-0 on the land in 2008 and 4-2 last year at home. Coach Dunga teachers also own a very charming as Robinho scored the goal before Chile, up to six times in five games meet the latest.


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