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Italy uncrowned after heavy defeat

Last effort is not enough to save coach Lippi’s players to escape from failure before Slovakia. 2-3 defeat, Italy becomes former “World Champions”. It is the first time after 36 years lost in the first round.

Lost 2-3, Italy was eliminated. After France, the runners world in 2006, Italy became the second largest team soon be removed from South Africa, followed Europe’s neighbor to return home. The pictures of a "cerulean Troops" magnanimous familiar also tarnish their own, because this is the first time since 1974, Italy have seen their World Cup dream was strangled when the game still not move into the second period.

Defender Cannavaro continues to get errors and almost Italy must pay 7 minutes. Pair defender Chiellini – Cannavaro almost lost as Vittek played header into the penalty area to midfielder Hamsik of Napoli club to finish comfortably. If he shot more precisely, maybe, Italy did not have to wait 25 minutes last conceded. In midfield, Gattuso was expected to strengthen the fight and did not complete the task. The highlight of this cruel player throughout the first half is played ball maliciously (but close enough to escape punishment card) in the knee Strba in 43 minutes. The ball phase of Italy lacked of inaccuracy in the final pass.

Meanwhile, all four personnel changes in Slovkia side compared to defeat Paraguay - Zabavnik, Kucka, Stoch, main players replaceed Jendrisek Weiss, Kozak, Salata, Sestak - are effective. Vladimir Weiss Sr. decided to choose 4-2-3-1 scheme. The initiative in terms of posture and the pressure they create inside the yard as Italy and the results are specific goals and score at minute 25. After a phase of braking into Slovakia, De Rossi to hurry and pass the ball to the foot accidentally Kucka. Immediately the ball pushed to Vittek to escape down, and then finish from the edge of the penalty area into far corners, which Marchetti can not reach. Again, the pair Chiellini - Cannavaro is not present in time to intervene.

Persistence also brings Italy to score in 81-minute. After Quagliarella definitely shot stretch, Mucha can not snap the ball, Di Natale has been present in time, definitely the empty net. Be encouraged by this to equalize, as Italy continued to attack as the storm to search the second goal. They were happy in a 85-minute in a short time when Quagliarella quickly kicked to grid Mucha. But the border referee rose flag to notice that Italy striker had fallen into the offside after receiving a pass from the left of Di Natale. However, hopes were kindled for Italy again they were put out by the poor of the defense. 89 minutes, the phase coordinate threw the border, substitute players side Slovakia, Kopunek whisked, then face down Marchetti, bringing the score to 3-1 in the eyes of helpless defenders of cerulean team.

Although having a more goal from the ball beautifully Quagliarella and then make opponent quit with a heart of grace mixed Pepe during extra time, Italy's effort was just instilled in them as well as the tifosi pain and regret.

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