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Chile - Spain 1-2: Loser, the winner enjoy the same pleasure

More players and get advantages from two goals ahead early but before the courage of Chile, Spain also has been pretty hard to win 2-1. However, this result was enough for them to get his first Group H, avoid the right confrontation in Brazil within 1 / 8.

With a superior level compared to rivals, Spain is expected to have a match jubilantly before Chile; a team attack also plays beautifully. But just as victory over Honduras (2-0) as long as four days ago, Spain was still not found their true strength. Besides wasting many opportunities, ability to impose La Roja's gameplay is still pretty much the problem. If to maintain the current situation, in the knockout round encounter "neighbors" Portugal, teachers Del Bosque will certainly face many difficulties.

Immediately after the siren declaration, with the aim of finding winners, Spain filled up the yard enemy and creates a huge pressure. Consecutive minutes in the fourth and fifth, Torres alone finishes the second shot towards the goal of Bravo. Unfortunately, the ball went inaccurate. After the first minute forced the yard, Chile began to be a balance when there is the attack phase is relatively sharp. Snapshot of the ball of Sanchez forced Casillas to block out in 15 minutes, warning for Spanish defense.

With a game against the continuous and clinging game play, the Chilean players made the enemy very little space. This gradually made Spain No.1 no longer maintain pressure. But in a posture gradually showed signs of stalemate, Del Bosque's players have been scored from the opponent's mistakes. 25 minutes, in an effort to interfere with breaking, goalkeeper Bravo breaks inaccurately, Villa tentatively launches very fast shot from a distance about 40 angling on the left flank and the ball rolled into the net in the frame has become vacant.

The speed of the game was later pushed to very high goals that Spain has. Chile also showed that they are willing to play a double battle with the European champions with an attacking game is quite diverse and transient. Up to 33 minutes of the game, derived from a mix up fast ball, Beausejour mixed clicks then release the ball full of art. Fortunately, the timely intervention of Pique made the ball roll out.

Does not work with this phase, Chile met a great loss when only one minute, they have lost more player to get a goal just lost again. Starting from a fast phase and coordinate attacks with high accuracy between the three Torres - Iniesta, Villa, the ball has been put into the net after goalkeeper Bravo one's neat cushions of Iniesta. Immediately after this goal, the referee Rodriguez pulled the 2nd yellow card sent off playing for the defensive midfielder Estrada after a player has fouled without the ball with Torres.

Before the bad scenario could happen, Bielsa conducted two consecutive changes as soon as the second half, hit back with the duo Paredes and Millar in the yard. Immediately this adjustment was almost effective when Millar rekindles hope for Chile with a goal in a surprising 48 minutes. Is adjacent to the ball in the penalty opponent, Colo midfielder launched a shot put ball hit the foot of the Pique then went into the net before the inability of Casillas.

The excitement has gradually returned to Chile after this goal. Despite missing the game but the South American players proved marginally better competitors in terms of posture. This has also forced to make Del Bosque decide to change for Torres, players have played so fade in the previous period and bring Cesc Fabregas into the yard. With an extra midfielder, Spain back to 4-1-4-1 with key attack on the defense of David Villa.

In the presence of Fabregas and middle lines of the European champions would have to play better. Not only good controls of the game, Del Bosque’s team also continuously create opportunities for the goals of making Bravo have faltered. Without the competition phase of the suicide-style ball defenders, Chile may have lost the ball more after the phase space from,Villa sticks slot intelligently of the teammates.

These minutes later, defense of Chile still played pretty solid and difficult to attack Spain in the access to Bravo's goal. Despite controlling the game but the final phase strikes of La Roja always was driven out before the mental concentration of the defensive player of Chile.

No more goals recorded in the minutes remaining. Spain have won the competition to win 2-1 and top of Group H, while failure would not affect many opportunities of Chile because of the match at the same time, Honduras was the brave Swiss holding score 0-0 and force representative Europe to leave the game in regret.


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