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Defeated Serbia, Australia is still eliminated

The win was spectacular, but Australia still can not win the tickets to go forward and taking witness Germany, Ghana hold hands together in round 1 / 8.

Developments in Serbia clash - Australia may have surprised any forecasts of experts and fans, as Serbia dominated the game at half time but broke down suddenly lost by two goals in the second half. Despite great efforts, but they can not get up to earn the draw, meaning that they seemingly dropped the ticket in their palm. Obviously, this year's World Cup has too many hidden surprises.

Serbia only needs draw; they will go in the next round, but…

Australia has played entirely excitement in the second half to dismiss Serbia, but the results are not enough to win tickets in a round in the World Cup.

A result of striker Tim Cahill and a shot from the reserve player Brett Holman has made believers thought that ball team under the tutelage of coach Pim Verbeek lacked of two goals to spend the second position in Group D.

The later the match was , the more benefit Socceroos was, the team and fans thought the team gold and green shirt could reset the record back in 2006 World Cup but reserve player Marko Pantelic Serbia had pulled them back with real International with a goal in minute 84.
After all, this was a disappointing night tournament for both teams: the Australian team again tried to patch up hole and four goals before Germany, and Serbia team was more painful to know that they need to add a goal is that the tickets on hand of Ghana.

However, these tickets were eventually on the hands of Ghana, although Germany lost 1-0, but the four points with Australia and more goals.


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