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Beat "tin soldiers" Denmark, Japan wins tickets persuasively

Denmark fully committed to the battle with the return of old midfielder Tomasson, in a match to compete tickets left at Royal Bafokeng yard Group E on Thursday, 24 June.

But the pair midfielder Yasuhito Endo, Keisuke Honda of East Asia team rose Japan to a sudden gap 2-0 with just 30 minutes of first half.

Both scored in minute 17 and 30 of the team were dark blue clothing items from the fixed situation from two fences kick.

Two-phase ball definitely reflect the ability level of players in Asia, with the first goal made from the left wing and the second kicked before face, neither for the team's goalkeeper Sorensen of a red shirt team has any chance.

Despite a few more opportunities, especially in the attack phase ball from the left wing, Denmark did not shorten the ratio and two teams take break with two separate goals inclined to Japan.

Only five minutes after the second half began, the Danish keeper, Sorensen nearly give donations for players of coach Takeshi Okada a goal, when he caught a ball non-stick from another direct phase on the right wing.

This time the ball struck the right column to turn out, but players in Japan's response shot extra but not exactly.

52 minutes, Denmark also have the opportunity to reduce the ratio from the situation of Tomasson opposite goalkeeper Kawashima but the ball pruning phase of him to be ejected by goalkeeper.

Denmark has so many defensive situations as loopholes in the 70th minute, they repeatedly to Endo, Honda and the team holds the ball comfortably as the left wing.

Midfielder Tomasson misses many opportunities to score goals; he mixes to grip the ball in the leg that can not finish before 5m50.

However, the opportunity shortens the ratio of the red team to just 10 minutes before the end of the match.

Tomasson lost twice to take down goalkeeper Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi on penalties. Ratio is 2-1, short for Denmark.

But the hope of the Nordic team does not last long, when substitute striker Okazaki with phase coordination in the penalty area with Honda, scored 3-1 to Japan.

This victory, Japan ranked second in Group E with six points, after Netherlands beat all 9 points. Cameroon, Denmark forced to break up with the World Cup.


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