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Argentina - Greece: Tango affirms authority

A draw would be enough to Argentina monopolize the top of Group, but Diego Maradona is always a dedicated coach, Albiceleste have to play is to have victory.

In fact, although not officially win tickets to Round 1 / 8 but 99% went to Argentina. The situation is eliminated when they lost Greece with three goals while Korea wins with at least two goals against Nigeria. Before Greece, a team is too weak in ability to finish; story of Tango dancers loses up to 3 separate goals is an almost utopian.

In this match, Diego Maradona has confirmed he will be up to seven adjustments in the team. Accordingly Aguero, Milito, Otamendi, Clemente Rodriguez, Vron, Burdisso and Bolatti duocra go to the stadium will be in the official team before the Greek. Of these, Vron is the main player, who was in their opening match but has recovered his injury and need to play to get a sense of play. 6 rest players are just in regular bench and this is their chance to prove their abilities.

In a game, there has no longer much meaning, Maradona has changed is understandable. Why pre-staging of El Diego is looking to do something in his personality eyes and it will long for booming in the rare opportunity of this main playing. When the gap between first and second team is not too big, not too bothered Maradona well as for the main chain are allowed to rest in the match against Greece.

There is a particular point, Messi who played full 180 minutes in two previous matches, Maradona still take Messi to play in the final match. Two matches with Nigeria and South Korea, Messi played very impressive but what he lacks is the goal. Yesterday, Ronaldo, player was expected most of Portugal opened again after 16 months to record goals. When CR9 called, M10 had to be answered.

Messi will still play officially and makes Greece worry. Every famous player ever to the success of 2004 was not a strong point of the former King of Europe. From Korea to Nigeria, the second game, Greece is conceding. They really live up the hope to make good use after the failure of Nigeria to get back winning 2-1. However, to be called in within 1 / 8, Greece must have at least one point before the first Argentina.
This is not an easy task for Otto Rehhagel's team. Attack and pretty monotonous play when only phase depends mainly on the bubble. The poverty of ideas to attack Greece always making trouble before the team is play-oriented techniques and has been in defensive players. Ironically, Argentina is an attacking team variously and spontaneity with outstanding individuals. Greece will be difficult to draw a dream because they do not have anything to block the steps of the Tango dance group.


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