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Portugal – North Korea: Old debts

After the first successful match advance into Brazil, North North Korea is hoping to continue hoping surprise for Portugal, enemies have stolen their losing tickets to World Cup semifinals in 1966.

Old debts

44 years ago, in the first World Cup, North Korea shocked the world by beating "giants" Italy to win tickets to the quarterfinals. In round eight strongest teams, North Korea continues to make big surprise when ahead 3-0 to Portugal after only came with 25 minutes. Before the match took place, no one could have imagined that problem at that time, North Korea is "Dwarfs" against Portugal.

Unfortunately, the present immaturity of the North Korean experience has led to bidding. Leading by three goals but North Korea does not worry to focus defense and still try to attack, and that the opportunity for "Black Panther" Eusebio to shine, to help turn the Portuguese flag, victory with a final score 5-3. North Korea in the semi-finals but they leave in the high head, and received countless praise.

With Portugal, World Cup 1966 is their unforgettable milestone. It is the first team for the World Cup made in Liberia, and reached to the semi-final battle area when there is still the best achievement of this national team at the World Cup.


In tonight's matches in the game, like 44 years ago, North Korea was a "reference under" compared with Portugal, however, Jong Tae Se and the team still cherish hopes as the magic predecessor.

Despite the military defeat of the day, but North Korea has a strong impression in the eyes of the world's football fans. Although they were evaluated weaker than the opponent, Coach Kim Jong Hun’s team led Brazil to meet very tough block. Have to take 55 minutes, each team five times world champion can get through and score goals shot by Maicon definitely not ideal. More and more amazing, the game only a few minutes, J. South North Korean Yun also helped get a team scored against each of five times world champion.

If North Korea caused impression in the first match, Portugal backs then few people disappointed after goalless draw with Ivory Coast. In that match, "Brazil of Europe" has not shown the bright features in any game. Team is the brightest star Ronaldo was also leaving a mark on a shot away from winning column before clinging missing before the opponent's defenders. Portuguese is heavy dependence on Ronaldo and when the star can not shine, Army of coach Queroz have immediate difficulties. Unfortunately, the hope of the Portuguese was silent during the past 18 months. It will be a chance to star in Real Madrid's payroll ending thirst for goals in the national team shirt. when North Korean was evaculated without too strength.


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