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“Tanks” Germany crushed England 4-1 to advance to quarterfinals

Simple, accurate and efficient, plus a referee's mistake, " tanks" was made 4-1 victory before coach Capello's team in round 16 clash at the 2010 World Cup team on Sunday night.

"The candidate for the champions ", Stepping the generation in 1966 to bring glory to the country ... just two of the numerous fine word from the British media to talk about his team's 2010 World Cup ahead. The presence of the glorious strategist Italian Capello, winning easily in qualifying, the pillar orchestra of maturity like Terry, Lampard, Rooney Gerrrad or as a basis for their members as well as optimistic fans on World Cup success. Despite his refusal to mention the highest, to avoid pressure for students, it also set a target of Capello for England as "least reached the semi-finals."

Even when England started deviating, to scratch a new order through the first round and fell into the top-level categories directly with Germany, this faith is not chipped. For the positive achievements in the past, typically, destructive battle rival 5-1 9 years ago, or a friendly game 11/2008 which teachers Capello back down Joachim Low's team 2-1 cited as evidence that the generation of this team can be victorious to continue towards the goal of conquering the Golden Cup in South Africa. However, from the soaring words of flattery, after 90 minutes of competition, England suddenly sank down the ground and faced with refugee status. It is pathetic 1-4, the inferior man in a comprehension, play and above all, a pain having to witness the championship dreams shattered.

Witnessing the game Sunday night, some fans will think that English team is not worthy to receive such an outcome. 39 minutes, while Germany is leading 2-1, Lampard made a perfect shot from the edge of the penalty. Not need to compare the slow phase, visible after the ball touches the bottom ground and through white line of goal. Instead of recognizing the goal in waiting of Lampard and the England squad member, referee Larrionda refused the goal after signals from the assistant referee in the border. If recognized, it would be to equalize 2-2 and England will know where players can trend the game, is beneficial to them?

However, football is like life. The referees, no matter how good eyes are, is only human, mistakes can be identified at any time. In addition, errors of those in need are always squid emerged as part of the game. At the 1966 World Cup final, when England met Germany 4-3 on Wembley pitch, England must also base on a controversial phase of Geoff Hurst (the ball seemed not through crosswalk) to fix the victory 4 - 3 and crowned champion. Likewise the German feeling of pain following goals in 1966 was lost, probably be very much longer, or never, the English players and fans forget when goal was denied by Lampard, Sunday evening.


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