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Beat Switzerland, Chile "wide door" to knock out round

Playing more players in 2 / 3 match time, Chile finally won narrowly by 1-0 before the Swiss thanks to Mark Gonzalez in the 75th minute. These results help Chile is a great opportunity to win the right to go forward, while Switzerland is not all opportunities ...

With six points after two games all night, Chile continues to lead Group H but coach Marcelo Bielsa and his players are still not officially available in the following round. If Spain beat Honduras in the match following few hours and in turn the final fight, Chile defeated the European champions still Switzerland won Honduras, the face Group H would be pretty sharp with Spain, Switzerland and Chile are 6 points. The determination of the two then moving on rates will be based on performance Goal.

In spite of being unsuccessful in their efforts to preserve net before Switzerland Chile but also somewhat comforting to shove down a record 550 consecutive minutes without conceding a goal in the World Cups of Italy.

Chile is the better team and immediately enters 10 minutes; the South American team has sent warning messages to the defense phase of Switzerland with a very tense shot from far outside the penalty area by Arturo Vidal. However, goalkeeper Diego Benaglio was promptly drag him out and refused to continue training efforts of Carlos Carmona rock soon after.

The speed of match is pretty fast when both Switzerland and Chile were deployed to attack openly. After a few minutes groggy, Switzerland has gradually become quite dangerous braking phase. 26 minutes, from the results of Ziegler-kick into the penalty area, turned Grichting headed high from a distance of just over 10m but definite phase of this defender narrowly deviate column. In the next situation, Bravo goalkeeper must very quickly to break the ball in the leg of Isla

As starting getting back the game, the Swiss was numerical disadvantage when Behrami was sent off playing by striking Vidal in the face. With the advantage over players, putting pressure on Chile gradually Swiss goal and if the South American striker is definitely better, they can immediately ahead in the first half.

39 minutes, Beausejour is very convenient to pass Suazo headed distances less than 10m from the ball but unfortunately jump far away. Few minutes later, still in the role of tectonic Beausejour but this time, player is definitely Sanchez. However, his shot went straight into the goalkeeper position Benaglio selected.

Get found loopholes in the system defense, coach Ottmar Hitzfeld was forced to withdraw striker Frei out and replaced with aggressive midfielder Barnetta, Switzerland to play with a 4-4-1 scheme.

Even the second half, spilled into the courtyard Chile Switzerland bombarded to break the deadlock. 49 minutes, Sanchez has put the ball into the net but the Swiss goal is not recognized by the referee determined was in Chile three players in the off side position.

55 minutes, Chile is an excellent opportunity for Sanchez ahead but still proved ungainly when he could not beat goalkeeper Benaglio phase face. Then the situation on ground ball off Gonzalez of Chile but then substitute Paredes players miss the beautiful situation.

However, the final pressure of Chile also is reflected advantage on the board when Gonzalez cleared the deadlock in 75 minutes. Paredes break the off side trap, surpassing goalkeeper Benaglio escape across the border down to the right corner, then throwing to the ground to beat Gonzalez headed the ball into the net, the match score.

After losing, Switzerland was forced to give up and to equalize them so much space below. The minutes of the game are very exciting place when the Swiss a chance to equalize with a stray shot column in the favorable position of reserve striker Eren Derdiyok while Chile is consecutive to miss situations can widen the separate gap.


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