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Netherlands - Slovakia: Fearing "the spirit of Slovakia"

A day before the match between the Netherlands and Slovakia in the round 1 / 8 World Cup 2010, members of the team the nickname "The orange Tornado " are quite wary of the team spirit of inter- former state of Czechoslovakia.

Netherlands has had an impressive achievement in the first round with nine points after three matches’ absolute triumph. With the top of Group E, the coach Van Berwijk’s team was currently evaluated as a candidate for the championship.

In round 1 / 8, opponents of the Netherlands is Slovakia, the team ranked second in Group F after one round. Basically, teams of Eastern Europe do not be assessed equally against the Netherlands but with a victory down champions Italy at the same time forcing the world to stop right at the round table, Slovakia shows they are a challenging. This is the reason for Mark Berwijk feel quite disturbing if opponents of the Netherlands will continue to maintain a spirit of competition as flaming fire in Italy a 3-2 victory.

"Slovakia is a competitor that we can not underestimate" the Dutch coach admitted.
Midfielder Arijen Robben, who returned after injury and impressed in last 20 minutes playing games with Cameroon is confirmed, with the highest confidence, Netherlands will pass Slovakia to go forward.

On the other side of the front line, "killer" Robert Vittek who has established a double into the net of Italy, integrated campaign that champions the world is a miracle for football Slovakia.

According striker playing in France, the spirit is high with a comfortable mind; Slovakia is promising to continue to create the unexpected. "Nothing to lose. We as a World Cup rookie and who also are considered" flanking the edge "but Slovakia have made clear all surprised. We have done and hope well before the Dutch again like the way we overcame Italy. Still upcoming opponents know a candidate, but Slovakia has shown confidence. "

The match between the Netherlands and Slovakia will be held at the Moses Mabhida stadium. Winner of this auction will be named the pair in the quarterfinals with a rival team to win the match between Brazil and Chile.


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