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Mexico - Uruguay (0-1): Both go forward

In the match that everyone thought that both Mexico and Uruguay will shake hands with each other to smile then go to the dramatic match was extremely pushed. Especially, the same time match, the host South Africa has suddenly easily beaten the French team ...

The two teams entered the energetic, far different from the suspicion of many fans. Mexico is full of techniques, but controlled the ball more than Uruguay but Uruguay is sharper.

Luis Suarez is a permanent threat of goal keeper Perez. Perhaps, the ratio could be opened soon for Uruguay if Suarez shot in six minutes more precise about 3cm.

Fewer attacks but the intimidating phase of Uruguay goal must always put the thrill in Mexico. If the header in the 25th minute Mauricio Victorino from Forlan’s corner kicks is accurate, the ratio has been opened earlier.

But finally the waiting audience of millions of Uruguay and South Africa also came before the half ends. Perfect passing of Edinson Cavani choose the available range of Luis Suarez and shaking his head to help Uruguay striker go ahead.

Due to the advantages of more goals than South Africa, Mexico should be quite comfortable in the match with Uruguay. Lost with the close ratio, Mexico can still go forward if South Africa did not win the French with goals.

The main comfortable psychology helped Mexico dominate the game throughout the second half and created quite a lot of pressure. Their best chance came from Francisco Rodriguez's header, It is a pity that strays ball narrowly column.
However, the ratio of 0-1 was enough to defeat Mexico and Uruguay both shake hands to go forward. Uruguay with the impressive lead Group A with seven points, four points along with Mexico South Africa but the differences better (+ 1 than -2) was officially seated second Group A.


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