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Japan will go forward if Japan vs Denmark have a draw

Having an advantage over competitors because of more goals than Japan, Japan will dispose his fate if they will not lose against Denmark tonight.

After a victory and one defeat, Japan has 3 points with the goal difference. Also there are three points after two matches but turns Denmark ranks below the East Asia team for goal difference -1. As a rule, if two teams have the same sub-index score, the first to be considered is the effect of goal difference. So Japan just needs draw in the fight tonight, while Denmark has to win at all costs. In this Group, Dutch occupied a ticket to go in the next round.

With a tight defensive game, Japan has played successfully before Netherlands - one team attacks varied gameplay and more players have the ability to create mutations. Coach Okada's team only loses after Sneijder played too well while the goalkeeper Kawashima played too badly. Japan's goalkeeper took the ball in the right direction but can not control the orbit and bounce the ball into the net. Thanks to defeat close ration with the most powerful teams Japan accounted advantage for sub-index.

Coach Takashi Okada has shown the hallmark of his tactics. Before representing from Africa, Japanese players clanged fiercely to promote forte in favor of physical play. With Holland, Okada directed his team to play defense phase according the region, the middle route played tightly and forced the opponent to use the bubbles. This tactics has enabled Japan to limit to the explosion of Sneijder, the player act as the lead play "The orange Tornado."

Before tonight Denmark, Okada certainly researches on play's Nordic team. Denmark's main forte is the bubble from 2 sides of the wing to make use of the capability of the midfielder Bendtner. Want to overcome this gameplay, Japan need to lock down the detonators from the two wing sides of the opponent.

Won 2-1 before Cameroon, the Danish players showed a lot of changes in terms of team play when they hit the middle area more organized than using game stretch of the border. With the possibility of holding the ball well and Rommerdahl and Jorgensen, coach Morten Olsen's team has created many mutations with this game.

Japan will certainly use defense plans to counterattack so Denmark will continue to use the middle coordinate phase ball with a traditional long ball. Only when the diversity is the ability to attack, the Nordic team can hope to attack the concrete goal of previous goalkeeper Kawashima.

In this game, Japan does not suffer from players, coach Okada should completely use frame in a match with the Netherlands to host Denmark. Meanwhile, the suspension of Simon Kjaer, Coach Olsen will be used to replace Kroldrup. With many years experience in the main match, midfielder Fiorentina could completely fill the gaps that Kjaer left.


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