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Before the battle of Chile-Switzerland: The battle for the top

Along with three points after the first World Cup in 2010, both Chile and Switzerland are highly determined to win the table position in this confrontation.

The victory surprised the entire “clock" Switzerland before "Gaur" Spain and Chile past through Honduras the same 1-0 score, had accidentally pushed Spain, a candidate for the Championship, on the difficult path to conquer Gold Cup.

The strength of the Swiss defense is to keep a clean record in the 490 minutes in World Cup (since 2006). However, certain cohesion of the rear of Switzerland in Chile will battle to see much more loosely by the absence of pillars player Philippe Senderos injured.

Speaking before the match, striker Blaise Nkufo of Switzerland said: "Nobody can think that we will beat Spain. But the Swiss have done and we must forget this victory. Not being allowed to lull in the halo and should concentrate on the next game. "

Meanwhile, across the front line, midfielder Jean Beausejour, who scored the only match-Hondurs - Chile, said his team will have to change the game against Switzerland next time.

However, to compete with representatives from China and Western Europe with a penchant for this defensive reaction, Chile has to adjust play. It would certainly be a match between two horizontal competitors the same as talent and health.


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