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Chile vs. Brazil: class differences

Not having had any difficult problems before Chile, Brazil squad quickly found themselves on three goals to advance to the quarterfinals very convincingly. Simultaneously, confirming the position of a candidate for championship World Cup 2010.

Because it was too familiar with the two teams play each other should not take more time to develop the game in their match of the round 1 / 16 2010 World Cup. Chile has proved quite as confident of their matches in group stage, while Brazil proved cautious in the first minute but also gradually set up the initiative of them.

Chile tried to attack but the chances of their danger is not really clear that Brazil defenses still played very effectively and limit the penetration of the players of Chile. Meanwhile, Brazil's attacking with the back of the pillar quickly created sharp coordination situations compared to competitors and started launching phase definitely noticeable.

However, waiting 35 minutes, Brazil scored goals. Midfielder Juan participated in corner penalty situations, have chosen the right position to hit the net of Chile and Brazil to break the balance. This goal made the players Chile depression was seen and when they did not really "finished", Brazil continued to have more goals just three minutes later.

Who scored was striker Luis Fabiano, was the end of the counter-attack situations inside Brazil with the participation of both Kaka and Robinho. Advantage leading by two goals to help Brazil extremely confident in the rest of the match when Chile started proved confusing. The efforts of the personnel changed in Chile in the second half, they did not bring many effects before metamorphosis play and high concentration of the Brazilian players.

59 minutes, Robinho extended the gap to three goals for Brazil to take advantage of passing of Ramires successfully to record their names onto the score sheet. Gap was too large and despite the huge efforts during the remaining time but Chile still can not find any real opportunity for them. Final score was 3-0 and Brazil showed the world that they deserve to be in the quarterfinals and will face one of the potential candidates for the championship.


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