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Brazil - Portugal (0-0): Lacking of goals, extra fine card

The most goals in the round but Portugal could not penetrate the tight defense of Brazil.

Coach Dunga's statement "Portugal is only B team of Brazil" that seemed match both would play peacefully, holding hands in ring 1 / 8, became drastically out of expectation. Right from the first game, the defense of the Iberian Peninsula has been placed in full alert after a continuous braking phase of the Brazil strikers. Even in the 6th minute, defender Alves shot near the goalkeeper Eduardo.

However, instead of the glossy art phase characterized samba dancers, the two teams together again played with violent football rules without any mercy. 45 minutes integrity, the referee Archuadia Mexico who had to withdraw 7 yellow cards to punish two teams. After the unfortunate absence of Kaka, coach Dunga does not want to lose any more extra columns, should force him to withdraw Melo (replaced by Josue) to preserve forces for the home team in the next round.

Has defeated Brazil 2-0 in seven years ago but now, the gap in class is evident in the ability of Portugal players. During the 45 minute half-time, all specifications are necessarily inclined toward Brazil, with 63% of the time controlling the ball, made 12 shots threatened goalkeeper Eduardo, Portugal held the ball 37% and kicked six shots threatened goalkeeper Cesar.

Though called "Brazil of Europe" but clashing Brazil South American, coach Carlos Queiroz arranged the team inclined to defense, make the possibility of departure "as fast as the ostrich" by Ronaldo in the middle the rapid attack phase for the Portuguese. In the 49th and 59th minutes, almost Brazil has to led to bidding when Ronaldo received two passes to breakthrough, creates opportunities for teammates to finish. In this two-phase ball, Ronaldo stumble blockade of experienced central defender Lucio.

75 minutes, the captain Queiroz showed eyed when Duda instead of Simao. Simao implemented phase accelerated, then passed stretching in the middle for Ronaldo to finish but unfortunately the goal was not to be the best player in Portugal squad.

After this confrontation, surely coach Queiroz has found winger, creating the ability to move and hunt of the mischievous Ronaldo - players elected to play the best match.

To avoid confrontation Spain within 1 / 8, Portugal determined to rise to find goals but all efforts of Ronaldo and the team will not win the drag of Brazil defenders.
A goalless draw to Brazil to win his first Group G with Portugal goes forward in knock-out rounds.


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