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Italy: bubbles and Canavaro - fatal weakness

Meet New Zealand. Opponents were ahead by a bubble to mix and the match ended with only one point. Iatlia crafts of the key factors that are actually located Canavaro, Lippi on new challenges ...

Canavaro is becoming a burden to every player Italia.

Italy has played two World Cup matches in 2010 but people still recognize the face of world champions. While on public goods, the players wear cerulean little competition highlights, the famous players, Italy are exposed fatal weaknesses: the ability to fight bubble limit and style of frustration Canavaro ... 4 years ago, every player is one of the most important factors to Italy to reach the top step of the football world. With the "hearts and minds" in defense Canavaro named, Italy has stopped all competitors that they face to bring about the origin of the gold cup for pasta country. 4 years later, in South Africa - World Cup 2010, Canavaro still playing in central defense, Italy's captain worn with band panel on hand. However, the "heart" he has shown that arrhythmias times, "brains" that have shown the lack of conscious decision ... Canavaro showed that the burden of age and he himself seems to have become a burden to every player's team world champions, especially with the high gloss on the high ball phase.

In Italy's first match in World Cup 2010, Paraguay - their opponents are a team but not too uncomfortable range. South American football is not strong in the attack phase bubble. But surprisingly, one of the main combat phases has brought joy to Paraguay. 39 minutes of the game, Antolin Alcaraz has lost Canavaro header to launch and beat Buffon. In this situation,
the captain of the Italian shows that he had become slow compared to four years ago, the ability to choose an exact position is no longer a strong point of this adept midfielder ...

Entering the game against New Zealand, many people have warned about Italy's ability to play bubbles of team from Oceania, along with that is worrying the fans of teams the ability to interfere with home team about bubbles. New Zeland would have to review very carefully the situation that Italy helps Paraguay to open the goal to the match. The careful preparation of the
Oceania team, along with fatal weaknesses Italy where goods have turned many warnings before the game becomes a reality. Even in the 6th minute of the match, was also a bubble phase that Italy has to pay the price. And the name mistake to Smelts easy scoring goalkeeper Marchetti, Canavaro continues with a situation that chooses the wrong location. Failure of midfield
captain once again made Iatlia lose points. The efforts of the team then just go with the help Canavaro somewhat sad when you type in Italy had been unified. New Zealand then played very good defense to keep a valuable point. Solve the worries of unfinished goods, Lippi faces challenges in crafts Canavaro bubbles and Italy are actually put into unexpected dangers. If in the final match against Slovakia's first round - a team playing very good bubble phase, Italy did not fix this fatal weakness, it is likely they will soon say goodbye to South Africa.


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