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"Crystal Feet" Robben put Netherlands into the Quarter-finals

Victorious in the first round, as one candidate up for the world champions, Netherlands was under pressure when entering the ring 1 / 8 to Slovakia with psychology has to win.

But the return and score goals from Arjen Robben helped Netherlands to be a big advantage and the confidence after the spectacular 3-2 victory before Italy in the first round, does not make enough to Slovakia in the next miracle.

Despite the opponent missed several delicious situations and a goal from extra-time, the orange Tornodo still have won the competition 2-1, to be present at Quarter-finals from this tournament.

Back to the main events, immediately after the whistle declared, Slovakia quickly organize attacks, 2 minutes, Vladimir Weiss Rough broke through in opponent siege before passing out for Jendrisek. But in a favorable position, the striker shot through bar.

5 minutes later, the Dutch responded when Dirk Kuyt had thrown accurately to find the position of Van Persie in the penalty area but his header back midfielder Zabavnik who wandered across the border.

Playing all over the lines, orange team also quickly dominated by specifying goals. 18 minutes, from passing beyond the long line of Sneijder, Arjen Robben swung the ball into the middle area and launched straight shot near the corner. 1-0 Netherlands ahead.

40 minutes, from fast counter-attack situations, Van Persie cleverly took the ball past a defender in Slovakia, but the final shot of 16m50 adjacent bar is too light is not enough to beat Mucha.

Into the second half, Army's coach Vladimir Weiss attacked actively to look for goals but the Orange team is the team created much more dangerous situation.

50 minutes, Slovakia defender did not break ball well to correct the position of Robben. A definite phase ball finished technique to force Mucha to show all talents to rescue. A minute later, Mucha poured to block the kick of Van Persie in the penalty area.

Netherlands didn’t want opponent to dominate, the Netherlands also set goal of Slovakia in an emergency. 71 minutes, Dirk Kuyt decided to break at about 25 m distance, his shot forcing insurance fails to punch the ball award Mucha risk.

After a series of missed opportunities, Netherlands created the safety of ratio on 84 minutes when the score from the penalty coordination phase rapidly, Dirk Kuyt's clever header across Mucha was going away before the horizontal line, Wesley Sneijder fell comfortable with the accuracy cushion up to 2-0 ratio for the Netherlands Squad.

And all Slovakia's last effort to help them get only a consolation goal. 3 minutes of extra time, Jan Kucka was fouled in the penalty area and referee Udianno did not hesitate to point out penalty.

From 11m penalty, striker Vittek did not make any mistake to set 1-2 defeat of Slovakia and taking a pity look Netherlands to win the ticket at World Cup quarter-final.


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