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Echo Netherlands - Cameroon: Robben Inspiration

The victory of Netherlands which has nothing to tell if Robben didn’t appear again and immediately demonstrated why Netherlands stopped breath, waiting for his recovery.

As expected by experts, Dutch still played their dedication, has officially won the right to go forward. However “indomitable lions” Cameroon did not make embarrassed their nickname. Officially eliminated after the first two matches, but Eto'o and the team still played all efforts to search win before returning home.

Determined to touch the heart, it looks shape to encounter what seems to be a meaningless game. The two teams played quite burning, accept mistakes, and attack whenever the opportunity. Cameroon with speed and health tried to penetrate the Dutch defenders, while the orange storm remained loyal to coordinate small game, and sometimes are mixed from a few mutations create scoring. Opportunities have appeared widely, but while Cameroon is not enough space to turn into goals, then the Dutch side, Van Persie and Kuyt proved ungainly with Hamidou net.

Until the 36th minute Van Persie specify a new phase on the ball of the Netherlands organized into goals. That's what fans wait in Netherlands: coordinate accurately, ends neatly. Though Van Persie's goal is not necessarily a model of the dam-phase ball, release, stick slot, but if they promote this weapon, Dutch is absolutely right to expect good things than they have ever achieved World Cup this year.

The match then there is nothing remarkable, although Cameroon has been a goal, until Robben, the biggest inspiration of Dutch launched on 73 minutes. Robben is the best player was waiting wearing Netherlands, is the key of dreams, and indeed after only 10 minutes available in the courtyard, Robben proved why he is important for the Netherlands so with ball field facilities, beautifully shot to shake column Cameroon, creating easy opportunities for Huntelaar to play successfully.

Victory over Cameroon can not mean anything, but the shine back in time Robben's extremely important to fans of Netherlands. Van Marwijk's troops were considered too hard compared with the preliminary figure of fans, and Robben will be a matter of compromise between practical needs and definition of flying substances in the Netherlands.


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