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Tank cuts the chain, Gayal is proud in Finals

Playing the attack during 90 minutes of the match but thanks to playing header accurately of Puyol, Spain wins 1-0 before Germany. Coach Del Bosque’s team is entirely worthy to have the presence at the 2010 World Cup final against Netherlands.

Stepping into the second semifinals at World Cup, Germany Squad is evaluated better than Spain, thanks to glorious achievement before England and Argentina. But 90 minutes in Durban has brought fans to their opposite emotional climax.

If La Furia Roja proved strength in the midfield, Germany tank was patiently defensive and waiting for quick counter-attack opportunities. Still, the fight was no room for mistakes and required a high concentration, Spain squad succeeded thanks to a fixed situation.

From the situation between the second corner, not a dangerous striker that is a central defender Carles Puyol has Rough markers goalkeeper Neuer net to take a 1-0 win for Spain Gaur and a performance at 2010 World Cup finals with Netherlands squad.

Back to the main events, with the master of ball control, Spain was not difficult to control median area by pretty smooth mix between Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso and Pedro.

5 minutes, Pedro stuck slot filled with reckless of danger for David Villa running down quietly but goalkeeper Neuer promptly took to the narrow angle of the striker's shot.

8 minutes later, Iniesta threw deliberately to create conditions for Carles Puyol to play bravely. Unfortunately, phase of Barcelona midfielder's header put the ball to go crossbar narrowly.

Despite the enemy dominated in the field but the German players showed complete calm to hold tight defense as well as covered distance pretty well. Besides, they also created some quite dangerous counterattacks.

31 minutes, Trochowski had empty space before face and immediately launched long distance shot from 30 meters to force goalkeeper Iker Casillas who pushed the ball down to take penalty corners. Then Casillas continued to punch the ball to save his team.

Last-minute of first half, fast counterattack phase, receiving the ball from Klose, Oezil broke straight into the penalty area but Sergio Ramos prevented in time before the Turkish origin midfielder finished.

Into the second half, the script was similar to the first 45 minutes when the red team overflew into opponent’s pitch and Alonso had two consecutive long shot but they were not really accurate.

Not only that, 58 minutes, series of phases braked from Pedro, Iniesta was created in front of Germany’s goal before David Villa finished but Neuer has prevented outstandingly.

Enormous pressure of Spain, coach Joachim Loew has rushed adjustments in the middle field to relieve pressure with the presence of young talent Toni Kroos. And opportunities almost immediately to this player but he has not won in phase facing to facing with Casillas in 69 minutes.

Missing good situations, white team regretted when four minutes later, goalkeeper Neuer’s net has been rung up. 73 minutes from penalty corner of Xavi, defender Carles Puyol hit full powerful header in the net of Germany. 1-0, Spain ahead.

Goal has really pushed the match to climax when Germany attacked strongly while Spain went back their pitch to preserve score and only implemented counterattack if Xavi took the ball.

While coach Loew’s team deadlocked in finding their way into the goal of Iker Casillas, Pedro can help Spain increase the gap if he took the ball for Torres rather than individual competition.

And then, despite three minutes of extra time but referee Viktor Kassai blew the whistle to finish the match, 1-0 inclined to Spain remain unchanged. With this victory, "Gayal" Spain will be pitted Netherlands in 2010 World Cup finals when Germany tank was pity to compete 3, 4 with Uruguay.


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