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Germany - Spain: Super assassins and new gunmen

Including the game tonight, Germany has a total of 12 World Cup semi-finals with three championships. Spain has only the 2nd semi-final. Germany like a professional assassin to hunt large prey, while Spanish as a guy just learning the new steps to carry guns into the woods.

Germany's not that Spain suffered the greatest pressure. Entered the 2nd Semifinal of a World Cup (the first was in Brazil in 1950), Spain is standing at the doorway to clear the event history never World Cup champions. When that La Roja advanced European trophy after 40 years waiting, two years ago in Austria, the Spanish knew that they owned a golden generation in the history of football “ Gayal” country and World Gold Cup will closer than ever. But Germany, they expect to be tasting the fruits of the revolution that Klinsmann has initiated four years ago in Germany.

Let's forget tiqui taca gameplay brocaded flower embroidery at Euro 2008, Spain coach Del Bosque imaged a full pragmatic Gayal gladiator. And no one else, David Villa is the true incarnation of Gayal Gladiator. Currently, the rookie Barca scored is a breath of Gayal Spain at this time. He is the most valuable asset "sage" Del Bosque Argones leave. Sharp, boom, hunting instinct is extremely sensitive, David Villa is the top World Cup scorer with five times in the opponent net and goals are decided victory for La Roja.

David Villa will definitely be trying high doses of drugs for central defenders -Mertsesacker Freidrich of German tank. But the German side are no less when their hands own a super striker is particularly charming with the World Cup: "The plane" Miroslav Klose. That would be a shoot competition intransigent for both teams. If David Villa in front of opportunity to break the record of 44 goals, " Ring Lord " in Raul of Spain and balanced record of most goals in a World Cup of legend Emilio Butragueño in World Cup 1986, Klose only need a goal to equilize with Brazil star Ronaldo in the scoring list in most World Cups (15 goals).

In terms of level, Spain has a marginally better than Germany. With the "brains" with Iniesta Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Busquet in the median, La Roja will give priority to control the ball and play a short ball touches virtual changing. Moreover, the central pieces of the single highway to enter the penalty of Iniesta or Pique will cause surprise with Mannschaft. Coach Joachim Loew will have to rely on dou Samir Khedira and Schweinsteiger to limit tiqui TACA gameplay of Spain. Both players played extremely well when plowing ragged line of Argentine midfielder detonators simultaneously lock Lionel Messi to create spectacular 4-1 victory in the quarterfinals before.

In three most recent World Cup, Spain broke down Gayal before barrel of Germany tank in 1966, 1982, 1994. Of the 20 encounters, Germany proved to be marginally better when Germany won eight matches, drawn six games and only lost six games right before the Spain.


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