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Iniesta illuminated to put Spain top of world

Netherlands did everything possible in 120 minutes in the final tournament of 2010 World Cup finals but suffered from being defeated when Iniesta glowed in second extra time to help Spain widen doors to step into their victorious road. “Gaur” team for the first step to the top of the glory of world football in the infinitely fun of themselves as adherents of the attack school ...

Spain used the attack game play has become their identity in most of the time of the final competition and quickly dominated the game before Netherlands. However, many opportunities were missed and only when Iniesta shined in the 117th minute, then everything will be determined.

The final match saw a variety of situations offend side Netherlands; it hopes that it could reduce sources of inspiration in the mix of Spanish cooperation. The team from the Iberian Peninsula was not to be outdone when ready to respond if necessary. Therefore, up to 15 times the referee must draw yellow cards (2 pieces for Heitinga) to restore order of battle.

The main mistake of the situation in 110 minutes, Heitinga made the turning point of the match. Netherlands has very good strength to resist attack by Spain to maintain their chances until the end of last second extra time, but the lack of players made them no longer maintain alertness on the spirit as well as the accuracy of expertise to continue to stand firm.

Iniesta's goal erased all the worries of Spain after nearly 120 consecutive minutes played attacking efforts but have not found the path to the goal of Stekelenburg by the opportunities missed considerably.

Championship of Spain has confirmed their strong level of world football after two years to reach the top step of Europe. Bosque collective constructed to go in history as the first time, “Gaur” team enjoyed the feeling of those who stood on the utmost heights of soccer.

Regarding Netherlands, just as they have done anything towards their goals but it was clear that Spain deserved a lot more to become World Cup champions 2010 and Netherlands’ tears of regret. See you after four years in Brazil 2014 ...


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