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Paul octopus predicted Spain beat Germany

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El pulpo Paul apuesta por España

All Germans worry when yesterday (6 / 7), Octopus Paul had predicted the Spanish team would beat Germany to have the presence in 2010 World Cup finals ...

Since the start of the tournament, Paul octopus had predicted results 5 matches that the German team participated including four wins, one defeat and all were accurate. Many people argue that this octopus is favorite colorful flags of Germany, but Paul had guessed surprise, German won England, Argentina and lost Serbia.

Before the prophet of this octopus, screen Paul guessed the result in oceanographic institutes in western Germany was broadcasted live on the channels yesterday (6 / 7). Two plastic containers, one containing the German national flag national flag is Spain (each box has food) and put them in a glassy tank.

After a bit of procrastination, finally Paul octopus chose box containing the national flag of Spain. This was what made the Germans scared about the future of the team after what octopus "prophets" have speculated since the start of the tournament.

At Euro 2008, Octopus Paul has correctly predicted 80% results that the German team participated. However, in the final against Spain, Paul predicted that Germany won but the final result proves the octopus had guessed wrong a single match.

Therefore, both Germany wish Paul octopus would predict wrong again when Spain and Germany clashed together in the 2010 World Cup semi-final. Whether Paul octopus guesses perfect result about Germany squad in World Cup 2010 or not? We will wait the result of the match (Germany – Spain), tonight.

Juan said...
1:50 pm  

Paul the octopus knows what he's talking about. Spain won :)

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