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The World Cup is Over for Germany but the Party Must Continue

Germany's World Cup dream died in the last two minutes of extra-time despite the prayers 

Hosts Germany are out of the World Cup after losing to Italy. The whole country goes into mourning but DW-WORLD.DE believes Germany still has plenty to celebrate even though the dream is now over.

"We're going to Berlin" the euphoric fans were singing. Even those travelling to fan fests and bars all over Germany were singing the refrain; not a joyous exclamation of their actual destination but a song proclaiming the widely held belief that Germany's destiny was the World Cup final in the capital on July 9.
They did get to Berlin, on June 30. And they won there -- beating Argentina in a nail-biting, quarter-final climax -- but they won't be going back to contest the World Cup in the final. Germany's dream of watching their home team raise the golden trophy in triumph ended when Italy not only crashed the party but ate all the food, drank all the champagne and went home with the family silver stuffed up their shirts.
For this was a smash-and-grab raid of the most heartless kind. Germany -- not so much a country in the last few weeks, but a living, breathing unified entity -- was ready to follows its team along its pre-destined path to the title and to then fall into a rapture which would quite possibly never end.
That was the belief. The country was riding a wave unlike anything felt in the last 15 years. It was not only a hope that Germany would win but it seemed to be a very poorly kept secret among the white-shirted millions which had turned a recently depressed and morose nation into the world's biggest festival site. No one doubted the outcome.
Klinsi's kids came from nowhere to bring hope
It was supposed to be so different
It was all very different before the World Cup. Jürgen Klinsmann's team was already written-off before the first ball was kicked in anger. But when the action started, this team of youngsters showed a desire and flair that no-one, not even the most enthusiastic fan, would have expected.
But when the players started to deliver in such style, the country started to wonder. And then they started to hope. Then they started to believe. It was infectious and the team's performances seemed to flow with an energy generated from Hamburg to Munich, from Cologne to Berlin.
This is why the Italian victory is such a blow to Germany. Any team would be deflated by defeat, leaving the world stage to others who will compete for the trophy they thought they were destined to lift. A country which wanted a World Cup win on home soil so badly can only feel an emotion close to bereavement after such a loss.
Positive vibe must continue in host nation
But while the bubble has so cruelly burst, there are huge positives to take from Germany's World Cup experience.
Germans should be proud of their team and their World Cup
As a team, Germany actually performed above all expectations and should be honoured and proud of their showing. They should harness this new attacking flair, nurture it further and come back even stronger, possibly creating a new German legacy of soccer dominance in the future.
As a people, the Germans should refuse to let such a defeat rob them of their new enthusiasm and to channel the pride in their country and the new respect from outside their borders into a new positive way of living. They have showed that Germany can be an inclusive, friendly and welcoming nation. The Germans have consigned many of their stereotypes to a history pre-2006 through welcoming the world and showing it how to party.
While the post-match trauma will no doubt lead to a river of tears which will flow through the country, Germany must get a grip as soon as possible if this World Cup isn't going to deflate entirely. The Germans now have a responsibility to put on their make-up once more, hold the flags proudly aloft again and continue to sing of travelling to Berlin. Because the final party is not going to be anywhere near as fun without the hosts in attendance

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